Singer LILY ALLEN Continues Rant into 3rd Day Regarding TIDAL (& Did She Come For BEYONCE?)

Not all celebs on Twitter timid-tweet out of fear of their sponsor’s wrath or renege. Some most probably have loyal relationships with their sponsors like that of Nike with Tiger.


LillyAllenTake singer Lily Allen for example, who even before her latest Twitter [rant, reprimand, or tirade-whichever you wish to call it] has been notoriously known for using her platform to speak her mind about whatever flows from her mind and heart.

This time, she ranted about all the wave this week: Tidal-spearheaded by Jay Z and the other “Tidal16” involved in the streaming service and believing it to be nothing more than an abuse of power , meanwhile, stunts the growth of emerging artists.



It started three days ago:


Although some celebs too (and regular folks) may get personal satisfaction is sub/side-tweeting—crossing their fingers and hoping their cryptic message reaches to whom it may concern while they play [with the people in their own heads], Allen barred none, (as you are reading) she posted names and even dropped a pic—of Beyonce’s picture (as Queen)-with shade thrown Beyonce’s way a meme quip reading: “Let Them Eat Drake.”


She continued: