SAFAREE Searching for Self & Life After NICKI MINAJ + How NICKI Basically Played Herself Through Their Public Breakup & What Women NEVER Should Do In Such Situations

sbUnless you live under a rock, all the rave since the holidays had been the breakup of rapper Nicki Minaj and her longtime boyfriend “SB” a.k.a Safaree Samuels.

Who (outside of her friends and associates in the industry) knew she even had a boyfriend?—that is, until recently.

For a long time Nicki Minaj has been such a solo force in the rap game for so long, she didn’t have any “competition”—or contenders out (aboveground, rather than underground) therefore, no competition on the radio, on land, at sea-anywhere.  

Often times when you’re at the top of your game at any talent, skill or any thing and you are a force to be reckoned with; just as loved as you may be, there are equally (if not more), the same amount of people that would like to see you get knocked off your square.

sb nicki2Although, despite the doors slowly opening in the rap game-with a couple of women in rap coming through] it wasn’t the possibility of competition being the thing that closed the door on “Nicki Minaj”-we learned it was boyfriend Safaree that did.

About as ‘all of a sudden’ as the public learned Nicki even had a boyfriend-was about as shocking as it was to find out that the boyfriend-all this time-had been right there on stage with her all the time, known barely known as her “hype man.”

Nicki’s “hype man” was no longer cheering for her and decided that he would hang his mic for good, which resulted in a holiday break full of media mayhem that kept the blogs busy with Safaree and Nicki’s [seemingly tit for tat] public displays of disconnection.

Despite both having publicly moved on to their prospective/rumored new boo’s (with pics to prove), the last straw was drawn when Nicki decided to turn what was (at one time): support and encouragement of her up and coming rapper boyfriend SB-to flat out social media disrespect down to