Shackles Off My Feet So I Can Dance: CHRIS BROWN Officially a Free Man

If anybody’s got a theme song befitting of his current situation it’s Chris Brown.

After a social media hailstorm over the past couple of weeks regarding a secret love-child that put the handsome superstar in the spotlight on the world’s stage for reasons other than his fancy footwork; he managed to keep his head held high and remained steadfast on his feet rather than on his knees through it all.

Soon thereafter, while on his Between the Sheets tour, Brown closed his tour back where it all began: The stomping grounds of his home state of Virginia where he performed in front of a massive crowd-sharing some of his fancy footwork with them.






Back to life. Back to reality.

rihanna and chris brownJudgment day was still upon the young lad (and as we reported to yous) March 20 was the day he was due to report in front of a California judge to determine his fate [after violating the probation placed upon him stemming from the catalyst being the incident with singer Rihanna back in 2009-an incident even despite their breakups, to make-ups to breakups since; still remained an eyesore and thorn in Brown’s side that proved to be a dark, ominous cloud that he couldn’t seem to shake privately, or publicly]. Eventually, every step he took his fancy feet-trouble seemed to follow not too far behind.




Here we are in 2015 now, and Brown’s 6-year itch is finally been scratched:  He’s a free man in ways like never [in the past six years].

All things considered (and pardoned) you ask: What’s that song befitting for Chris Brown’s current situation right now?

“Shackles on My Feet (So I Can Dance)” by Mary Mary:


Go on and let Mary Mary rock you as you rock with Chris–(shackle-free) while considering this: Spring is actually the true “New Year”-and with news of new seeds, and seeds reaped from that which he’s sewn, it seems though growing onward and upward; things are full bloom in ways anew for Chris Brown who just ended his tour in a place where it all began, and ended that final chapter in his life where all his troubles began.chris


And so it is forgiven, written (by him) and come full circle and into fruition:

God for him?

Chris Brown Dance


Good for him.

However do you want it.chrisDance

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