#SayHerName No. Really: Say Her Name – Why I’m Writing A #TheSandraBlandLaw© Be Passed & Why It’s Very Necessary + ALL YOU NEED TO KNOW NOW & LATER ABOUT HOW NOT TO BE REMOVED FROM POINT A (Pullover) TO POINT B (Beat and/or Booked)

At this point we’ve had enough.

Whether or not Sandra Bland was hanged or hung herself is something we all will continue to theorize but in fact, may never get actualized.

The fact of the matter however is: She’s dead.

And both the brutality and blatant disrespect she suffered at the hands of officer Brian Encinia could have very well been prevented by something social media is making popular with a hashtag that very well needs a reality, actualized:

The Sandra Bland Law©. And I’m in the process of writing it up the get it put on the books and made law so that something [I’m referring to in the law called]: “excessive authority” does not ever happen again to any human being on foot, on bike, or by vehicle ever again.

23-sandra-bland.w529.h352.2x(Without even mentioning any of the cases in which young men lost their lives) repeatedly looking at the video of Sandra Bland and how everything went from 0 to 100 in the time span it did told me that at this point in life in America, being stopped by a police officer requires a bit of a short-word, military-like procedure that human beings are in dire need of rights for.

At the point of pullover, the mere saying: “I choose to exercise my SandraBlandRights© please” –will do all the talking for you (you will see the short list of what that means at end blog). But it will be THE thing that protects everybody-and police officers are going to have to be forced to adhere to, as it eliminates the bait for confrontation and is still within the law. It forces the civilian to rebut or contest in court-not with the officer. This Sandra Bland Law will level the field for the civilian and the officer and ensures that no more of these kinds of situations escalate to emotional points of brutality and death that we have seen far too many times here of late.

Had this bulletproof, brutality-proof law and right that I am writing up been put into place, so many lives (up to and including Sandra Bland’s) could have been saved-this… I promise! This was SO necessary and what’s been missing! Knowing this now—and the need to get it implemented, I feel like we have been baited into an unnecessary confrontation that we haven’t the ability to win from the moment of the very first WORD uttered, or question asked.

Because whether or not she hung herself is neither here, nor there at this point; the fact of the matter is-had this law and right I’m writing up been implemented, she would have bypassed brutality and death. As well, the Eric Garner’s, Eric Harris’, Michael Brown’s Freddie Gray’s, and Walter Scott’s (on foot) would have escaped their fates, too.

So you really wanna #SayHerName ? You will. All human beings and citizens will-every soon.

Just like the Miranda Law and Rights (“right to remain silent”)  and other laws and rights stemming from tragedies or situations that have become laws, Sandra Bland needs a law and right, too.

One thing about me is this: