RIHANNA & KANYE Performed Pre-Superbowl Show Last Night + Rumor Has It She Still May Perform w/KATY PERRY Tonight


Although her chum Katy Perry will be locking down the stage tonight at Super Bowl half time and it was rumored that Rihanna was going to be asked to do the same (before using expletives at a CBS big wig); the game don’t stop ‘cause a playa gets knocked.


According to sources, Rihanna set the precedent for her pop chum get-down tonight for being a “Teenage Dream,” living “Last Friday Night,” and serving up all kinds of “Fireworks” with her special guests Lenny Kravitz and Missy Elliott.

In Glendale Arizona last night, BadGalRiri was the hottest ticket in town-performing at DirecTV’s Super Saturday Night hosted by Mark Cuban’s AXS TV and Michael Strahann.


Word on the street is that Rihanna belted out about 15 of her hit songs and surprised guests with Kanye West while the two “Run This Town” underneath “All The Lights” last night.






Although people are still hopeful that little miss sunshine can get her shine on, on the world’s stage tonight (despite her raining expletives on the CBS official) believe it or not, it’s still be rumored that she STILL might get a piece of that stage tonight with her chum Katy who had only this to say, today:



And this…to relay: