RIHANNA Is Cooking: Singer Enlists ADELE’s Producer PAUL EPWORTH To Give Her Some Fire For Her Upcoming CD


According to sources, singer Rihanna has snagged producer Paul Epworth to be the strings behind her upcoming album (due out this 2015 year).

Rihanna_Other Side of the Fame just dropped some G’s last night about Adele hanging back for now-having purchased a beautiful Malibu home and that while Rihanna, and a few other artists due out this year drops their projects; Fire to the Rain singer Adele is gonna slide through fourth quarter/by end year to break us all off with some fire.

As you can tell by the gasoline she’s drinking in this pic, Rihanna wants some of that fire.

So while Adele rests on her loins in Malibu, Rihanna will reportedly be utilizing the services of Adele’s producer Paul Epworth.

The #RihannaNavy anticipating the singer’s next project, put the APB out on anything they could find on what’s going on with the singer (besides front row seats at games with BFF Melissa and such).

Turns out, they turned in states songs evidence!

Uploaded from HFA Songfile, top-secret details of Rihanna’s upcoming eight studio album were fetched:

rihanna gets paul epworth

According to the info, Rihanna is currently working on a song called “A Night,” produced by Paul Epworth and Florence Welch.


As well, Epworth has produced for new artist FKA Twigs.