REGINA KING Attends ELLE’s Women in TV Celebration Hints MALCOLM JAMAL WARNER Dumped Her on Valentines Day- Was That Cowardly Or Manly?

unnamed (3)Ok so when I saw this post of actress Regina King’s “Happy Birthday” being retweeted, the first thing that came to mind (for me) was “Wow. I wonder if Malcolm Jamal Warner wished her ‘Happy Birthday’ via tweet, or text–or if they’re even cool like that.”

I said to myself.

It’s always a weird thing to me-this Internet stuff, especially when you’re famous and people know that you’ve have a relationship and public breakup; it’s got to be the most oddest thing–to share such a public space and be such a “public” person and knowing you had a past with them…I wouldn’t wish that experience on anybody!

No sooner than the thought crossed my mind, the next tweet down was something about “Selma” …and then viola! US Weekly’s tweet—about Regina King and Malcolm Jamal Warner rolled down next! Tweet reading:

“Wait, did Regina King’s ex Malcolm-Jamal Warner dump her on Valentines Day? She tells Us the story”

My thoughts felt so exposed.

Needless to say, it was a hilarious moment-my sitting there watching that as the post rolled down: “Regina King Hints Ex Malcolm-Jamal Warner Dumped Her on Valentines Day..”


reginaWell, according to the article title (the answer to the question in my head would most probably be a resounding ‘no’).

As per Us, on January 13, the Boondocks actress was chatting it up with them in West Hollywood, California at the Elle Women in TV Celebration (sponsored by Olay and Hearts on Fire Diamonds).

reginakingmalcolmjamaalwarnerWhen King was asked what her favorite Valentines gift had been thus far she responded: “That’s tough because I don’t have one — someone broke up with me on Valentine’s. D_ k! Yeah…I’m serious. Then he actually sent me flowers that said, ‘I still love you’ …I threw the flowers in the trash…and he was upset that I threw them in the trash and I was like, ‘F _k you.’”

Although she didn’t drop Warner’s name, she hinted “They’ll know… I love flowers but he thought that was right. What an ass, right?”

Warner, 44, and King, 43, would have seemed like a match made in kismet heaven (seeing as though they both were child stars). His humble beginnings on the popular 80s television show The Cosby Show and her humble beginnings on the popular 80s sitcom 227. So with a statement like “We like to what we have because it’s very special and very precious . . . But I will say that it’s a relationship that makes all the sense in the world” no one would have expected Warner and King would breakup—especially like they did.

The pair began dating in 2011, lived together, but eventually broke up (officially) in March 2013 with no note to toll his