Ray Tensing (Cop Who Killed SAM DUBOSE) Caught On Cam Pulling Over and Harassing Two Other Civilians + Video Shows Why SANDRA BLAND LAW Is Necessary


Spirit is real.

I love how things happen when good intent is your sole and soul’s purpose and the universe serves as a liaison.

The above-posted video is a perfect example of why this Sandra Bland Law needs to be written on he books ASAP.

If you read my detailed manifesto of sorts, then you know that the bottom line of it all is my concern with how much conversation is being had at pullover where police officers and provokingcivilians such that a basic pullover keeps escalating to heights that (here lately), we have seen end in death.


During my research while writing the manifesto, I found out that considering the fact that (technically) you are “under arrest” when pulled over by a cop–even before he gets out and any condescending or negatively provoking conversation is had; then that means your Miranda Rights should be effective at that point too: (the “right to remain silent).

WCPO_tensing_body_cam_arm_reach_1438351840351_22136265_ver1.0_640_480As per this Sandra Bland Law I want written and made law, (BECAUSE A COP ALREADY KNOWS WHY HE IS PULLING YOU OVER e.g busted tail light, missing bumpers, wrong turn, running lights, speeding etc). civilians should have the right to tell the cop upon immediately approaching the car: “I CHOOSE TO EXERCISE MY SANDRA BLAND RIGHTS SIR.”

…that is his right to remain silent (while handing the cop his license and registration) and from there-accept whatever ticket the cop is pulling him over to give. It is a surrendering to the ticket process that he/she was originally pulled over to get (and ensures that the police officer isn’t even given the opportunity to bait you into cuffed arrests, jail, or death).

With ‘choosing to exercise your Sandra Bland rights” IF the civilian wishes to contest the ticket, they are to appear in court on the date as shown on the ticket…NOT argue back with the cop.

This “right to remain silent” means too, the cop cannot provoke any further conversation or forms of aggression.

With this surrendering technique, all this ensures that the pullover and transaction will be smooth and quiet, and people can make it back home to their families in one piece.

Without a law on the books giving civilians the right to remain silent at this vulnerable point of pullover–that is affording cops the provoke civilians in ways that continuously keep ending in arrests, jail, and death civilians will CONTINUE to be unnecessarily arrested, wrongly jailed (and be killed).

Because think about it: Without this law (making it clear that you wish to exercise your right to remain silent at pullover–which too, the cop has to adhere to the same with no “do you know why  I pulled you over etc”)…without this law, if you remained quiet (today at a pullover-surrending to the process and asking him to just give you the ticket), you would certainly be into a scuffle with the cop and his reasoning would be: “He/she resisted arrest.”

No buddy.

It’s gone too far.

And this Sandra Bland Law I wrote up is our only protection at this point. Because right now, should you exercise your “right to remain quiet” at pullover, depending on the cop, that could mean a sign of rebellion or passive aggressiveness (and so goes being provoked and on from there).



Regarding the video above.  Ironically, pulling over these guys, is Ray Tensing: The same cop who just killed Sam Dubose.

The only reason these two guys (on the video above) probably lived is because it was two of the present. Had it been just one, where you hear Tensing say: “Keep your hands out of your pocket,” or whatever (considering this murder he committed on civilian Sam Dubose in less that 3 minutes):

…I guarantee you if the guy on the above-posted video was alone, he would have been shot dead..just like Sam Dubose.

After reviewing the above video, it’s like nowadays, you have to roll two or more deep. Because a cop will have a hard time explaining why two (or all in the car got shot up by him) and if he shot one, the other is a witness. But if you are alone…your a$$ is grass.

With that being the case: Who the fck are you here to “protect and serve?”


At any rate, I will turn the rest of Ray Tensing’s history over to yous:

Shooting someone would be unfortunate, but part of the jobTensing via 2011 police job application