Race v. Gender & America’s Totem Poles: JADA PINKETT-SMITH Questions HILARY CLINTON’s Presidential Run & How She Will Swing

All things considered right now-with our president’s presidency being magnified and raked over the coals and watchful eyes of the world of social media (unlike no other president’s time served)-it’s no wonder that Obama’s presidency is constantly under the microscope of scrutiny (and blatant disrespect-sometimes).

This new world way of the people’s access to the president leaves it pretty much having charged it all to him being a celebrity (over being respected as “the people’s” president) especially when you can’t please everybody yet, everybody (like never before) has access to you in 140 characters or less.

Although having this kind of access to the president (or potential ones) is a new thing-it’s a good thing.

It’s refreshing (and necessary) to see some good, serious, questions and concerns being raised about [if] the next minority running for the presidency wins-what is SHE going to do for the world (besides being praised for being yet another minority and first woman president of the United States)?

Obviously, with the lure of social media and our seeing how our first minority president’s presidency has been diluted the way that it is [whose “fault” depending on who you ask]; it’s no wonder that even before her run begins, the question/s are being proposed about what is it she (Hilary Clinton) is going to do that will supersede the hype of her simply being yet the 2nd minority be elected to run a country.

Thanks to the world of social media, even before she runs (unlike before Obama) people are already waiting for her at the ‘doe’:



Interestingly questions about what Hilary will do (as president) was raised by the wife of a celebrity who, in the early 2000s had gone on record himself (during several interviews) as having said: “I think I could be president”—without once having it challenged (as to exactly why he was saying that).

Due to the fact that he was an actor who I had never once heard tell of having a political agenda of any kind whatsoever, I was terribly confused as to whether his proclaiming “I could be president” was all a matter of ego and the increase of his celebrity popularity getting the best of his ego—or was it that he was really serious (and wanted to invite the world in on his political views—outside of his being an actor).

I was waiting on him at the ‘doe!

I found it odd back then, that he was never challenged to answer just why he felt (and would say): “I could be president”-that after a while, I pretty much had to assume the people of the platforms by which he would say it, as well, pretty much knew [his saying] “I could be president” was all a matter of either ego, his popularity, or both [and just didn’t want to put him on the spot by asking him to clarify his statement that seemed to go “viral” without there even being a social media platform invented as yet—it was all over the message boards like crazy].

I was waiting on him at the ‘doe!

My thing was: If you say this because of your ego: fine, then own that. I will respect that you did [own it].

But if you have a political agenda: good, then tell that. I will respect that you do [so tell it].

I was waiting on him at the ‘doe!

I was all over Internet message boards in conversation about it-like many: eager to hear his