Quick and Easy Fluffy Oven-Baked Omelets

If you don’t like eggs (especially egg whites) get off my mountain!

All jokes aside ( pretty much ) everybody likes eggs but for those who don’t-yeah…climb down.

Regardless of how you like your omelets (with or without the yolk) or with, or without meat, fluffy, hot eggs are ordained by God, i know, right?!

Unfortunately, there are some of us who haven’t quite perfected the art of making and omelet on top of the stove (oh…you should see the reputation I have at IHop about the proper way to prepare an omelet. I’m on first-name basis at my local IHop).

At any rate, for those who are stove-top challenged (at making omelets), One Pot Chef’s got the remedy for you-via this no fuss method of creating the same fluffy eggs baked in an oven (versus stove-top).

Check it out: