Proposed Album Release Date for ADELE!



Adele4Look what the cats dragged in!

An APB has been put out on A.d.e.l.e and rumor has it-the long awaited, greatly anticipated CD following her last smash, 21 will indeed be out this 2015 year…………..somewhat like: [at the] end of the year.

Oh…who’s in a rush when you’ve sold over 30 million copies of your last CD and broke records unheard of?

Well although it was just last month that we reported rumor was having it the Brit crooner was having a bit-of-a-spat with her son Angelo’s dad: charity businessman Simon Konecki [and that the] two were headed for splitsville, nothing could be further from the truth.

Adele reportedly just put an offer in for a posh, Malibu £5.2million oceanfront mansion to be used as her winter getaway.


AdeleSo while we’ll be waiting on what she’s cooking up, Adele will be hanging back as other artists like Rihanna, Ciara, and Elijah Blake will be dropping throughout the year.

Adele will then release her 3rd studio album by end year.

With its projected release date (and knowing it is going to sell like hotcakes) the release of her CD will put Sony Music Entertainment in the position to dominate fourth quarter (as they were with Beyonce’s self-titled, digital, surprise album she dropped in December 2013).



I’ve always said it and the abovementioned footage confirms my lil’ Adele theory.

I think the “celebrity” part of being a singer has totally turned her off (and scared her). I remember Adele from way back in VH1’s “You Oughta Know” artists during “Chasing Pavement,” and I’ve always felt she never thought her stardom would take off like such.

I just think this whole celebrity, lights, cameras and overbearing attention has completely turned her off and that’s why it’s so hard to bring her back out again. I think she wants to-just not that part of her success.

It looks mad annoying.