Presented by ELLEN DEGENERES, KERRY WASHINGTON Recipient of 2015 GLAAD Vanguard Award – Delivers Powerful, Poignant Speech To the Masses About The Masses

Kerry_and Ellen_2015GLAAD

The irony of one of the most poignant moments of the evening at the 2015 GLAAD Media Awards was the introduction by one Aquarian humanitarian to another Aquarian humanitarian: From Ellen Degeneres to Kerry Washington who was this year’s recipient of the Vanguard Award



She warned us that she was “gonna say some stuff” and saying some stuff-she did (that was an understatement).

“I think some STUFF needs to be said,” said Washington.

No human being was left and forgotten at the 2015 GLAAD Media Awards when humanitarian herself, Kerry Washington, stood up to accept the Vanguard Award and speak not only her speech-but speak for the people (in her words) “The other, other, others,” and the “1st’s,” “the exceptions,” the “rare,” and the “unique”—all and everybody fighting the good fight: the poor people, people of color, women, the disabled, immigrants, gay men, bisexual, transsexual, intersexual and all. We all are a community of some “thing” that we fight for (as well, even-against) at some time or another and with that being so, Washington reminded us all that each of us has worn the other’s shoe or scorn-just the same while fighting to secure the certain equalities, liberties and quality of life that each of us seek (and have the right) to have without incident, denial or fight.Kerry_Portia_Ellen_Shonda_2015GLAAD

Articulated and delivered in a way like only a true humanitarian could do, Washington reiterated that no matter what we complain about, are against, or champion-for each one or some of us “for” or “against” a thing, equally, there are others anti or for a the opposing thing but the irony is: as human beings, we’ve all pointed the finger while at the same time, had the finger pointed at each of us too, which only serves as a reminder that in the bigger scheme of things; it all comes full circle [hence the need to know that apathy and intolerance is unacceptable but rather and in exchange] understanding is the only way-as, no man or woman is exempt from the same shoe or opposing scorn.


Check out this amazzzzzzzzzzzzzzingly powerful speech. No one can even come back at this with anything less than change and sense.

Kerry put forth something on the minds of all such that what she had to say can’t be more denied than after listening, one should never attempt to deny or begrudge another going forward.

Speeches, no matter how profound, are typically a lot about talking. Washington’s speech was about walking. Ingest:



Every year, the GLAAD Media Awards takes the time out to recognize and honor members of the media for being a kind of “inclusion” network of human beings-bringing to the masses-accurate over stereotypical representations of the LGBT community and issues the affect their lives.

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