POTUS Gets His Wings: Finally Gets a Twitter Account!

“bo” is to Barack Obama what “mo” is to Michelle Obama what POTUS is to FLOTUS—no hocus pocus.

It’s a strange irony: Our 44th President of the United States happened to be the 1st in office to be Pres-tested under the microscope of social media scrutiny yet, it took six whole years for him to get his own Twitter account as the POTUS!


That’s right.

As you may well know (since 2007) @BarackObama’s Twitter account has always been run by [the] “Organizing for Action” staff.

Note attached stating: “Tweets from the President are signed –bo”

So although he (the POTUS) would get in on that account and post when necessary, the fact of the matter is-the man (Barack Obama) had never had his own Twitter account.

All that has changed now and the POTUS got his own. Here are the G’s:

Bio: “Dad, husband, and 44th President of the United States. Tweets may be archived: http://wh.gov/privacy .”

Location: Washington, D.C.

URL: WhiteHouse.gov


(Oh…he aint special. Yours and my tweets are archived in Washington too–at the Library of Congress just around the way from the White House) *sticks tongue out

He is special in that former President Bill Clinton stopped by to give him a warm welcome and dropped some banter:

Keep your eyes on these two:



I have a sneaky suspicion those two Leos are going to be subtweeting to high heavens about their Presidental excursions and such once both of them wear the “former president of the United States” title.

Ya think?


Yeah…I can see it now Barack and Bill. Boys will be boys: