P!NK Receives Top/Coveted Music Honor: BMI’s President Award For Songwriting


P!nk is an extraordinary songwriter whose mastery of craft and passionate artistry has transformed a generation of Pop and Rock music culture around the world. She has captivated music lovers with her unforgettable, emotional and edgy magnificence of song, voice and performance.

…Those are the words expressed by BMI Vice President Barbara Cane about singer Pink and the reason for those words is long overdue.

The singing pop star with the pipes and vocal pull that-like nobody else-can carry off R&B to rock to pop:




…is set to receive BMI’s President’s Award for her chart-topping songwriting success as, she has dominated all three fields [of Rock, Pop and R&B!]

As defined as an award exclusively given to those who’ve amassed “outstanding achievement in songwriting and global impact on pop culture and the entertainment industry,” this feat puts Pink among the BMI songwriting elite which includes past recipients of the same honor: Taylor Swift, Gloria Estefan and Adam Levine.



Love her!. I had to refrain from filling this page up with all the songs by her that I love.  I gets my “rockstar” on to Pink–belting the ones above listed, so we’ll just stop there for now. LoL.

Pink is Bae you sonsors.


Respect due.