Should RIHANNA RIHSPOND? Philadelphia Eagles’ MYCHAL KENDRICKS Surfaces to Explain Why He Threw RIHANNA a Curve Ball

Now….I heard of being a day late and a dollar short, but what do you do when you’re a year late and a holla short?


rihannaeagles-590x645Philadelphia Eagles’ Mychal Kendricks for instance-who (around the time pop princess Rihanna had the kind of time on her hands where she could play silly little #MCM/man crush Monday games) she went out on a limb and #MCM’d the handsome lad who in turn, kinda-sorta threw her a curve ball (versus directly answering her public summoning).

We don’t know what the guy’s circumstances were as to why he curved the desired singer who the average dude would have been much obliged to accommodate the #MCM, but the fact of the matter is: he didn’t follow the bait, and your  Pisces pop princess kept it moving—she had bigger fish to fry.

Fast forward.

It was believed that while Rihanna carried on about her way—you know: shows, climbing pop ladders and shoots and stuff and things; the handsome lad (allegedly) took some shots at her regarding her controversial spread she had done at the time with Liu magazine-having stated:

If you have a weave, I mean everyone wears them but please don’t let it look like you have it in your hair. That is a no-no. I can’t do that! Also, when you pose for pictures, don’t stick out your back when you don’t have a butt. Just be presentable!


Well take a look at Rihanna’s year since then.rihanna star

Now that Kendricks is in her rear view, he’s had some time to think about [his diss?] and indecision, right?

100k Wednesday, I think it needs to be said #WCW @badgalriri

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kendricks on phoneRecently, he offered E! this excuse (slash) compliment, (slash), spiritual assessment, (slash) fantasy, (slash) reason for his indecision—not acknowledging the allegedly diss (understandably):

She is pretty and cute. She is self-made as far as getting herself off that island. She is successful. I heard she has a crazy aura and people’s energy are just drawn to her and she has the ability to attract other people’s energy.

We had just lost the day before. We were out of the playoffs and it was really sad around the facility because we were doing so good and we showed lots of promise and then we lost. Then this Rihanna post happened to me and I was not sad and mad and upset or however they were feeling. I was the complete opposite.

I always imagined I would see her at a club and go over there with full confidence and go up to her. I am just trying to put a smile on her face….If I took her on a date, I’d probably take her go-cart racing cause I am a kid at heart. We for sure have to eat. I would take her to one of my favorite steak places. Del Friscos is pretty good.

Deep sighs.Mychal

Mychal dear. Keep checking the blog to read up on Rihanna-she LOVE’s Giorgio Baldi‘s (Italian).


Blows my bangs.


In the original story about this situation, I gave my female readers some tips about approaching a man first: how to (and why a woman should not approach a man first)…Now