MARK ZUCKERBERG v. ELON MUSK And Why All of Social Media Should Go To Subscription

Social media is actually technological recreation that gave way to businesses to be advertised by way of the INTERNET as its foundation.

Platforms giving way for the public to have a collective voice with individual accounts and tools to bring attention that were privileges made way by social media-not rights.

No rights are violated if social media pulls the plug for 21 days or forever. Our egos have made us THINK it is a right.

 “The reason I agree that AI needs regulation and why if Facebook, Instagram, YouTube and Twitter doesn’t ‘regulate’ the merit and moral fiber of this society will continue to go to shit. The world moral and merit mind set shift must begin with a 21-day black out and restart with subscription and new rules to force us to think about how we use social media and re-respect it as a privilege.”

We will come back HUMBLED.

We will come back INTENTIONED.

We will come back TRULY PURPOSEFUL.

If the mere THOUGHT of life being hell for you (or your ‘brand’ or ‘business’ seems like pure hell to you, that is a sign that right now, that a) youre way too concerned with “branding” over ‘business-ing’ and b) you need to be repurposing what it is you do, how, and why you’re doing it. If you are doing business right, a 21-day social media blackout shouldn’t shut you down mentally or professionally.

You ever tried to diet?

Ever overate?

Ever used a MyFitnessPal?


It’s like that, then.  Let me explain:

While we eat without regulation, we gain weight and/or have no idea how much fat, or protein we’ve consumed within a certain amount of calories per day.

But when you whip out the MyFitnessPal, log in your weight, height, goal and how many calories you do not want to go over in a day, you WILL SEE all the errors in your ways and how you’ve moved, unhealthily!

When by end of the night you’ve got 600+ calories to spare BUT with 4 grams of fat left, you are going to think real hard about what to choose to eat.

THAT is an analogy for how NECESSARY regulation is. Regulation is necessary for EVERYTHING: from food to online fakery, fuckery, foolishness and faboulousness.

When you are FORCED to slow down and pay attention to what you are recording for your output and information, YOUR INTENTION CHANGES.

THAT is what’s needed in social media!

Mark Zuckerberg’s Concern With Elon Musk’s Suggestion of AI Regulation is Too Close To Mark Z’s baby: “Virtual Reality”

With regard to how its serving the business of Facebook (and too, the world–sometimes) I understand that Mark Zuckerberg chooses to see (only) the bright side of virtual reality as, it has been a witness to many things that would otherwise be injustices. By contrast, and in some cases, still prevailed  e.g. Philando Castille. We all saw when that virtual reality video circulated around social media.

So, regardless, Mark Zuckerberg (for good or bad): REGULATION is necessary in social media.

This is all what I meant in my blog about that girl blaming social media for her killing her sister. SHE IS TELLING THE TRUTH! “Social media” (unregulated) is taking over people’s minds, and realities in ways that will only get worse day by day!

People don’t HAVE to have well thought out intention when attention is FREE. When hype is FREE.

People don’t know WTF is real anymore.

People don’t know TF ‘Why’ anymore.

People only KNOW that they CAN ….AT ANY TIME: 24/7/365 (free of charge WITH the FREE tools to do it)! 

That is the BIGGEST human catastrophe and extinction level event of man by way of technology EVER and Mark Z can’t accept be regarded as genius and intelligent on one end but insist that VR is a complete fairy tale and Utopia’s.

Coming Back To Regulated Social Media After The 21-Day Blackout:

“Twitter jail” and “Facebook jail” really happened.

After being free, this time we come back to free lurking (searching) all day everyday-free of charge.

Nothing will change in that regard: The entire world can still watch you shine (or why ever it is you’re on social media).

If no subscription and you want to post: Then $5 per post (with no subscription).

With subscriptions: (because you’re grown, a business, and need to pay for you ‘advertising,’ a cap on RT’s, shares,  and commenting (Twitter/Facebook/IG). This further enforces people being truthful with you.

You have to  bust a cap in shares and reposts, RT’s, comments. This ensures that the people who can afford it through to those with modest budgets are leveled by the same cap on RT’s/RP’s comments and shares. As well it makes people THINK-and forces us all to put not only our MONEY, but more importantly-put our INTENTION where our INTENT is–so we know it’s real (and not just “reel”). 

THIS would force people to not only get themselves a subscription, but to be well-intentioned about what they post, share and RT. It will correct egos and senses of entitlement in grave numbers.

How the cap should be done:

Well, I worked for Triple A before. And it was during the time they went from unlimited service calls to 4 calls per year. Their members were pissed that they turned it into this but it worked out and AAA is still in business! They did it by averaging the maximum calls per year and divided it by the number of members. Four was the average calls per year.  This was all before social media even had life. I also used to do “Trip Tiks” (for Triple A members that wanted LITERAL hand maps for road trips). Fast forward. Do you think Google Maps stopped Trip Tiks even today? NOPE. It’s still a Triple A product.

That said, we-on social media-will deal.

We all know we have an underlying goal: Marketing (for attention or for business), boredom or for therapy. Either way, social media serves a purpose.  And one in which if I were employed (by Twitter, Facebook, YouTube, IG), if they didn’t charge for it, I’d would have quite a long time ago. A little $99 per year subscription is hardly equivalent to the benefits gotten by way of social media. We’ve ALL gotten way too entitled in that regard as well.

REMEMBER: Social media is all media (and secretly) advertising and marketing for which Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram doesn’t make a DIME off of.

This mental-digital reshaping will create a domino effect that’s useful in business and too, reshape wannabe entrepreneurs’ thinking + reestablish respect for business as a whole-and technology as a PRIVILEGE rather than the ‘RIGHT’ that it is not.

REGULATION unplugs these senses of entitlement we have and with a return after a 21-day blackout, will ACTUALLY turn mirrors to ourselves and make us see what’s real (and not).

  • Twitter
  • Facebook
  • Instagram
  • (YouTube too) UNISON, must to REGULATE.

I agree with Elon Musk, AI/artificial intelligence needs regulating the way Google needed regulating before they become digital rogues. And with the invent of social media, egos are out of control, people are doing anything for attention and no THOUGHT is being put into it because it’s free!

No one knows what’s real and what’s fake anymore.

SOCIAL MEDIA in all its genius that I and all of us are are grateful for (being free of charge) has RUINED the moral and merit fiber of society from not being regulated.

The ONLY way to regulate it and reset mentalities is to charge for subscriptions and cap some of its advertising-like functions.

Amazon’s gonna do what Amazon’s gonna do. Twitter Jack, and Facebook and IG’s Mark, need to stop being scared of Amazon-somewhere always teasing its users with “we’re gonna start charging” rumors running amok and then pulling back-afraid that Amazon (in all its un-keep-uppable digital fabulousness) is out there lurking in the shadows secretly building a new social media to put them out of business. That will NEVER happen. Power shifts. Wasn’t it just yesterday that Jeff Bezos was the top U.S billionaire one hour and the next hour-wasn’t? Bezos is billions-bossing but billions have wayyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy too much (media, energy, pretense) invested and posted up on Twitter, Facebook, YouTube and IG. They aint got the GUTS to switch and go join an “Amazon Social’ any more than Amazon can handle trying to develop a social media platform. Amazon aint thinking about social media.


If each (in bullet points) stop being cowards and scared-chasing and playing chess with trying to keep up  with Amazon’s moves and fearing a takeover-and instead, do something TOGETHER/in unison for once, they will CHANGE THE WORLD—and the people in it. And WITH intent versus FOR attention, EVERYBODY is gonna slow their role roll (speaking of which, and in closing, here’s why I’m okay with the subscript):

My ‘role’ in life on or offline is all about sincerity and merit. I’ve paid my dues and for years, researched and have done the work over being entitled without merit. I know a lot about technology and The Internet and psychology. The less you understand that social media is more ‘media’ x sociology x psychology than it is (about) “technology,” the more trite ‘tricks’ you have to use to accompany your grind and decide on a ‘role’ for yourself in an effort to try and establish your “brand.”

I don’t even BOTHER with email lists and putting myself out there in search of people fake-‘fanning’ me for RT’s (for help with hyping myself or my brand for marketing under the guise of my appearing to be engaging). I simply make myself available by being present- repelling insincerity yet magnetic to sincerity. Kindness knows no shame or has no pretense. Insincerity is pretentious and because the ‘social’ IS media (fame) driven, social media is a very pretentious place where all of what we say is for display but we don’t have to be held accountable for where we actually play. That is how I win and where I work off, off.

I don’t even have social media “Share Me” buttons on any four of my sites or solicit commenting on my sites because I work such that my work and words are thee commentator . Whether to agree, disagree, to revere or just ‘be,’ stepping to me, you KNOW you have to be sincere. I transmit that online without having to express that.  

My thing is, I simply work hard and trust my work and its value to speak for itself.

The other half of the time-I post on Twitter, Facebook and IG and let your word of mouth move me. Have you checked, scrolled to the bottom and typed in: (opened January 2016), (opened Feb 2014), (opened May 2017) and (opened June 2017)? I assure you my bounce rate and engagement time on my sites are killing your “Favorite Blogger And Person And Their Site”…all praises due to hard work, smart work, strategy, knowledge of social media psychology and  (in addition to loving and spending my time on what I love and matters to me, personally)  knowing what people actually value and check for (versus what they say on timelines of social media), and lastly: Good ole social media. By way of it, my work and words have reached more people in the few years I’ve been on than the years before it that I’ve worked and prepared for its opportunity.  As an ‘entrepreneur’, understanding the necessity of regulating (or mere attention seeker)-respect the code. I’d gladly subscribe (to a traditional subscription using Twitter as is)  I kid you not, and so should you. It’s a form of ‘adulting’ your brand’s [far too long for free] marketing and advertising.