OMAROSA to BETHENNY: “You Get To Walk Around and Be Mediocre and You Still Get Rewarded With Things”




 So the back story (in a nutshell) is this: in recent years, Bethenny and Omarosa both appeared on Donald Trump’s NBC television drama “The Apprentice.”

bethenny25f-2-web  The two have been at odds due to a comment made a while back where Bethenny made mention something about–Omarosa’s [and I quote]: “lack of success” [unquote].

Omarosa-378x400 Obviously, Omarosa took offense to that because let’s be clear on something: Regarding Omarosa’s personal-professional career, she has a very impressive resume. She’s very well-spoken, well-traveled, savvy, college educated, walked the halls of the White House and has even worked for the President [Clinton] and (to my understanding-in just my following her career since around 2004); she was making her mark in the world of politics and then viola!

article-2287696-186C95CA000005DC-858_634x364 The entertainment industry (reality show circuit) came-a-knocking and so we now have Omarosa (in all her splendor)-still around making her mark throughout the industry’s reality show circuit: appearing on various major television network’s (reality) show’s for what (now) is around ten or eleven years.

om Without “fact checking actual times, and dates, and other detailed specifics) I know (all that I just said) to be true about Omarosa because she was one of my favorites way back in 2004 on the “Apprentice” [until she did something that I’ll interject shortly]. She kinda lost me-a little bit.

I don’t know if she lost my respect, my trust in what she says (because of how she “operates”-her strategy) or if it was the fact that she was savvy enough early in the game and picked up on the fact that being a little more controversial and problematic (on reality shows namely) paid more—and, perhaps she was just playing the game.

Regardless, she threw me off because for a long time (early in her career on her first reality show) she did [what black women would refer to as] “did black women proud” in that she had the confidence that I like to see black/African American women exude when in boardrooms, or in professional/business settings where they are the minority (twice): in the fact that they are first-woman and then as well: a black/African American.

So, in that regard, and in that setting (early in her reality show career before she turned villain); she held her own. At that time, I loved her representation of black women (on reality television) untillllllllllllllllllllllllllll

record scratch

There was a scene in the show where


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