Oh My: BREE NEWSOME’s Pole-Climbing Stripper Past Climbs To The Forefront? + The She Gives First Statement Since Her Arrest


Hey look, it’s a silly news story but funny to poke funny at.

Made up/fabricated (or inspired by my lil’ intro and throwing it out there—Bree Newsome’s awesome pole climbing skills); someone out there got bored, felt jealous inspired enough to rain on Bree Newsome’s parade of support of her climbing the 30 footer the in front of the Statehouse steps in South Carolina.

One (literally one) report with this teeeeeeeeny weeny pic of a girl with relaxed or weaved hair [and claiming it to be that of the dreadlock activist-singer-filmmaker from years ago back when the two worked an unnamed club], claims the pic is that of Bree Newsome-in the compromising position with another girl.

In an a blatantly contrived article titled: “Bree Newsome-Woman Responsible For Removing Confederate Flag Used To Be A Stripper”

The site reports:

Many believe that Bree Newsome was courageous for her act of removing the Confederate flag however someone who claims to know her stated that she did it all for fame and to show off her ex-stripper skills. According to Tanisha Brown, a former colleague of Newsome during her dancer days, stated, “Bree was a skilled performer at the club we worked at together. She brought in the most money every night she was there. I’ve never seen anyone work the pole like she did. I am not surprised that she climb{ed} the pole in South Carolina with no problem. I’m proud of Bree but I think she was trying to show off her pole skills one more time. This time {she her} skills got her on TV and some media attention.”


While I can appreciate the fabricated story in an effort to try and defame brave Bree Newsome the women “responsible” for removing the Confederate flag, let’s give it up for the meticulous use of making up“Tanisha Brown”  as well guys.

Press play:

I mean…in addition to the use of the words “responsible” [for removing the Confederate flag], that was on the money, yo! That ‘Tanisha Brown” connection is spot on yall!

One more time y’all:

At any rate (in for real news), Bree Newsome did speak about that June 27, 2015 morning we shall never overcome where she [the woman “responsible” for]:

  • bravely or
  • defiantly or
  • courageously or
  • simply:   ‘the woman responsible for removing who removed the Confederate flag’

…spoke out about it.



Read her statement and what she had to say while I fight hard to not be overcome with