NICKI MINAJ Speaks To GMAs LARA SPENCER Regarding Twitter Feud With Chum TAYLOR SWIFT

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Brave is he (or she) who shows her face after doing or speaking what one believes is an act of courage in all seriousness rather than with malefic intent.

As you may well have read at OSF, Nicki Minaj caught some serious feelings about being snubbed for a MTV’s VMA Video of the Year nod considering its long run and buzz since the August 2014 release whereas, chum Taylor Swift’s short running “Bad Blood” (released May 2015) got a nod.

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A couple of days ago, Nicki Minaj decided to confront MTV about the snub but without mentioning any names (by which the nod list includes male artists as well).

At that particular moment in time, that outcry didn’t sit to well with Trouble singer Taylor Swift and she walked right on in: shame on Nicki.

The bad blood didn’t last long though and was eventually followed by a graceful apology by Taylor (considering her admitted knee-jerk reaction).



Can’t keep a good pair of blindly optimistic Sags down, and alls well now,  and Taylor’s happy and got her old chum back.



Proof of life and love having gone on was shown this morning during GMAs Summer Concert Series where Nicki performed a few of her songs on the GMA stage where too, she sat down with Good Morning America’s Lara Spencer to talk about the incident.

Tap in below: