bobbi kristina and nick gordonObviously with such a tragic irony of a situation having happened with the daughter of the late Whitney Houston [having fallen victim to the being found unconscious in the tub as did her famous mother], although Bobbi Kristina, 21, is still living as of right now, history is repeating itself in more ways than both ladies’ drowning [so it is rumored].

BOBBI KRISTINA AND NICK GORDON OTHER SIDE OF THE FAME_Photo Credit_ Kristina Bumphrey_StarTraksJust as Bobbi Kristina’s dad Bobby Brown, was pushed away from Whitney when she had her accident-up to and including her funeral even, it is rumored that Bobbi Kristina’s husband Nick Gordon, 25, has a restraining order in place on him as well-keeping him away from Bobbi Kristina while she fights for her life.

As well, rumors are surfacing that the guy (Maxwell Byron Lomas, 24)  who, along with Gordon-found Bobbi Kristina unconscious was busted in January for possession of marijuana and Xanax with the attempt to sell (as per Fulton county authorities).

In 2011 the young man did 17 days in jail after being busted for possession of marijuana with the intent to sell while being 1000 feet of a housing project (according to Dawson County Georgia’s sheriff records).

During an official search of the home at the time of the incident, no drugs were found. According to sources close to the family of Bobbi Kristina, upon an extensive search with a warrant (that just recently took place), illegal drugs were found.

With regard to Bobbi Kristina’s medical condition, it is said that although she is still unresponsive, the swelling on her brain has gone down. “Doctors say that by itself isn’t the smoking gun that she’s getting better but it is still a good sign,” said the source.

Her dad (still by her bedside since day one) R&B singer Bobby Brown is said to still be inconsolable and grief-stricken to the point of hardly being able to move.

brown header“He is so upset he can barely put one foot in front of the other,” said the source who also says that during this time, Brown (who, in the next couple of days will have celebrated his birthday-just days before the anniversary of his ex-wife’s death day…and now sitting beside his baby girl’s bedside while she fights for her life)…asks for privacy and prayers during this time.