NICK GORDON Fights Out Tears While Interviewing with DR. PHIL – BOBBI KRISTINA’s Aunt LEOLAH Writes Open Letter Regarding

In a world where everybody seems to have vested interest in something to promote, hide, or stand in front of to promote (or hide behind)…even if for nothing but a few minutes of shine, you can hardly be 100% sure what you’re dealing with when dealing with people anymore.image006

As we reported last week, Nick Gordon had a social media meltdown on Bobbi Kristina’s birthday where while in his emotional state, he made mention contemplating “doing himself in” [sic] in but stated his only reason for staying strong was because of, and for the love of Bobbi Kristina.

As you well know, Bobby Brown is not allowing Nick Gordon to go anywhere near Bobbi Kristina unless (as per Bobby Brown’s lawyer) he “agreed to terms” [of something/s we all know nothing about].

Obviously considering the fact that Nick still has yet to have seen Bobbi Kristina since that fateful January 31 day she was rushed to the hospital after being found face down in the tub where, considering the amount of time she lay in that state; she lost a great deal of oxygen. This, in turn, is the very reason she remains hospitalized going into the 6th week-unresponsive and on life support and tracheotomy.

Considering the fact his emotional state, his mom Michelle Gordon asked television family intervention specialist Dr. Phil to intervene-but there was one problem: Nick was under the impression he was being met by Dr. Phil to talk about Bobby Brown and his feelings (oddly-not necessarily his side)-but yeah, his feelings about exactly what is going on between he and Bobby Brown and family—again, not about happened that January 31 day (which, according to sources) is the 64,000 x Bobbi Kristina x Whitney Houston heiress of a question that Bobby Brown and family wants to know)-as because of “motive” is obviously in question here.

Nick on PhilWell low and behold, as you will see on the previews (which is scheduled to air on March 11, 2015), despite the fact Nick did indeed succeed [in fighting back tears?] he did get his moment to lash out and express his hatred for Bobby Brown for keeping him away from visiting Bobbi Kristina.

According to reports, since the show’s taping (I believe March 5), Gordon has checked himself into rehab because of [history of] drug abuse and alcohol in conjunction with his emotional state at this present time.11046621_10205272188157342_4333118785301396156_n

Leolah-BrownMeanwhile (although by suggestion and wishes of Bobby Brown and his attorney, they asked that the media and other outlets stop taking statements and stories regarding the case, Bobbi Kristina or the situation as a whole) that didn’t stop Brown’s sister Leolah Brown from shooting this public statement of an open letter off to Dr. Phil-expressing her disdain for giving Gordon the platform and attention he’s given him considering that (allegedly) it is he who is the person of interest and being investigated for the attempted murder of Bobbi Kristina by which she asserts, still, is 110% sure is Bobbi Kristina’s murderer.   Leolah's statement


NickGordonThis sad situation is getting more and more bizarre by the story, and just like I said previously: Nick Gordon is either very innocent, or bat-sh|t crazy wrapped up in rebellion [for his own reasons where it seems the Brown family is having a problem dealing + coming to terms with about as he has not agreed to theirs].

Just a little FYI that inquiring minds want to know-just how Nick Gordon ended up into these people’s lives:

Nick’s mother Michelle was said to have not been in the position to take care of/care for [a then] young Nick Gordon years ago (reason unknown), but because she (Whitney) was a friend of Michelle’s, she offered to take him in.ht_whitney_houston_nick_gordon_bobbi_kristina_thg_120307_mn

Although an official adoption never took place, the family regarded Nick as just that: an adopted brother (of Bobbi Kristinas’)-who, because he was a few years older than her, looked after Bobbi Kristina while both Bobby Brown and Whitney Houston were at the top of their games in both of their careers respectively.10906353_373295349538456_1007671227728290967_n

Whitney, as we all know has since gone on to glory whereby here we are nearly three years A.D; now, her daughter Bobbi Kristina clings on to glory and gasps, along with the prayers, thoughts and well-wishes of her full recovery.Bobbi Kristina Brown

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