{New Music / Flavor in Your Ear} SISQO “The Dragon” Is Back with “Monsta” Due Out in Stores February 10!


Mark Althavean Andrews a.k.a Sisqo (“The Dragon”) is back guys.

The former Dru Hill lead singer is slated to breathe back on the scene with his new album called “The Last Dragon”—the final installment of his “Dragon: album series.

Let the (literal) record state that Sisqo’s voice is, and always will be distinctively unmatched. And he gave us all much-a-rock about something when he dropped that Thong Song: a song by accident that ended up being his biggest smash, and one that no one could hate on!


Additionally, Sisqo gave us hot hits like Sleeping in My Bed (feat. DaBrat and Jermaine Dupri)-a hot jam that still knocks and if it was thrown on at a party today everybody, still, couldn’t help but get out of their seats!


Lest we not forgot (my jam) : Sisqo with Dru Hill slowed it down for us and gave us his infectious voice in “Beauty”-he can’t be denied.

I’ll stop right there because there are way too many: Tell Me, How Deep it Your Love

Sisqo_2015_MONSTALet’s face it. Sisqo just was “R&B.” Period. Dot.

Yes, I’m a bit excited as you can tell. The sound of Sisqo’s voice reminds me  of that last drop of what R&B really was before something “weird” and thinly veiled happened in R&B.

R&B today is a lot different and far from the heart as was, then.

But Sisqo’s talent can’t be denied-so make room while the last dragon of the R&B of then, makes his return to R&B of today!

The Dragon is back now with a single called Monsta.

Scroll up to the OSF big screen and rock out with him guys!