Mystery Solved: BRITTNEY GRINER Found Texts + Proof That GLORY JOHNSON Had Been Emotionally & Sexually Involved With “Former Male Companion”

Like we all already suspected…

Details are emerging-uncovering the mystery behind the sudden annulment of WNBA players Brittney Griner and Glory Johnson (who were married just 28 days after months of courting).

The annulment caught everyone by surprise because on June 4, Johnson posted a photo of Griner kissing her tummy as the broke the glorious new Glory was with-child and low and behold, June  grinerJohnson 5 Griner had gotten the marriage annulled [and pretty much found out about it the way everybody else did: via social media].

Well according to our friends at People, mystery solved.

As suspected, yes, a man was involved as the reason for Griner’s abrupt decision to get the wedding annulled.

Don’t PLAY with me. Showed told you

Reportedly, Griner discovered Glory had been texting her former boyfriend during their engagement (according to recent court docs).

I’ll let my friends at People tell you the rest:

Just prior to filing for annulment last month, Griner says she learned Johnson had been texting “her former beau, which is documented by text messages on April 6, 2015,” a month before the two WNBA players tied the knot on May 8, according to a recent filing in the court case.

Griner “would not have married” Johnson if she had been made aware of any ongoing affection between Johnson and what Griner’s attorney identifies in the court papers as Johnson’s “former male companion.”

In addition, according to the July 13 filing, Griner “just recently learned that (Johnson) was not completely faithful during their courtship leading up to the engagement. (Johnson) intentionally concealed her sexual relations with a man to whom she was simultaneously in a relationship from 2013 to July 2014.”

Griner states she “had no idea” that Johnson “was sexually and emotionally involved with another individual at the same time she was sexually and emotionally involved” with Griner, and that if she did know, “she would never have proposed, let alone marry” Johnson.