Move Over RACHEL, Joseph Parker’s Gone Down For The Cause w/a Bang: Man Assaults 7 Officers, Rants About Ferguson, Salutes Camera For Mugshot


More over TransRachel, somebody else out here is down for the cause.

With all damning of Rachel Dolezal’s 15 minutes of fame gone bust due to the interruption of Dylann Roof’s crazy, and since then (even despite her big July Vanity Fair article that didn’t quite break through due to other #BlackLivesMatter pressing issues like of the Sandra Bland and Sam DuBose kind) it seems that no matter how down for the cause Rachel was and persistently and stubbornly staked her claim and stood her ground; something in the universe kept holding her back as if connecting constellations in the celestial kept reading: “you just aint ‘bout this life Rachel-fall back.”

Well meet Joseph Parker, 34, who in this mugshot, wanted to salute us all (after managing to make it out alive in ways that had he been one of ours, he would’ve been dead as a doorknob considering this ninja action he pulled—on several cops at one time after a concussion and being Tasered).

Obviously after a hot night of some bad beer and some good PCP, Parker refused to park his vehicle after driving fast through a construction zone and asked to slow down (by which he did not comply). Following that, the chase began, which resulted in his  assaulting seven officers and ended with a rant about Ferguson and followed by this shirtless mugshot where he saluted the camera:


I gotta turn this over to our friends at NYDN to run you these G’s because I can’t even stop laughing enough to write this up:

He reported for duty — as a lunatic.

A Massachusetts man, who gave a salute in his shirtless mug shot, assaulted seven Revere police officers after what was supposed to be a simple traffic stop, police said in a statement.

Joseph Parker, 34, of Wakefield, was driving through a construction zone when police asked him to slow down at about 12:40 a.m. Tuesday morning, police said.

Instead, Parker allegedly jumped out of his car and punched one officer, Lt. Jeremiah Goodwin, in the head. He then headed towards a second officer. Goodwin fell on concrete after Parker punched him, and suffered a concussion.

That started a violent spree that included attacking three officers who tried to arrest him, and three more cops once he was booked at the police station, authorities said.revere12n-2-web

Police said Parker appeared to be on drugs during the alleged attack, screaming “F— you cops with your guns” and ranting about Ferguson, Mo.

He also allegedly told the officers “I know why you stopped me.”

After assaulting Goodwin, two passengers in Parker’s car exited the vehicle and tried to restrain him as the second officer called for backup.

When handcuffed in the back of a police car he kicked a window several times in an attempt to break the glass and flee the cruiser. Once the glass cracked, he then removed his shoes and tried to stick it through in a failed attempt to escape, police said.

He was also Tased a few times but it had little effect. Authorities also said his story changed multiple times, and his behavior was erratic and nonsensical, the station reported.

He appeared to calm down by the time he arrived at the police station, though he still occasionally screamed expletives. But when officers tried to escort him to jail, he allegedly responded “what the [expletive] are you talking about?”

He then gestured to the exit and informed the cops “I’m walking out that door.”

He then became violent again crouching in a boxer’s stance in a corner and challenging the officers to a fight. The suspect then charged a cop and punched him in the face.

As authorities tried to subdue him another officer sustained a leg injury. Three others sustained cuts and abrasions, police said.

When being booked in the police station he also broke a metal detector, police said.

Parker was charged with assault and battery, malicious destruction of property, disorderly conduct and resisting arrest, and is being held on $25,000. He pleaded not guilty in a court appearance hours after his arrest.

His lawyer Daniel Fitzgerald told WCVB Parker was on a medication during the mass melee and may have had a bad reaction. He recently served a prison sentence for dealing drugs but had no violent offenses on his record, the attorney told the station.

Parker will next appear