MITT ROMNEY: If At First You Don’t Succeed, Dust Yourself Off & Bind Again

binders-full-of-women (1)Looks like Hilary may have her work cut out for her come 2016. The man who promised us all the binders filled with women is running for president again–or is peeking his head out to put us on notice perhaps? I dunno. Let’s see what they say:


 Mitt Romney will call senior donors at 11 a.m. ET Friday to give them “an update” on his campaign plans. Sources have told The Daily Beast that the former Massachusetts governor will announce his intention to explore a third run for the White House. Romney and his senior aides believe he is the best placed candidate to defeat Hilary Clinton. In a memo sent by Romney to his inner circle Thursday, he highlighted three reasons he should run: He thinks he’s the only qualified Republican in the field, polling is favorable to a win, and he thinks he can do better as a campaigner in 2016. Romney had originally intended to wait until later in the cycle but the bullish entry of Jeb Bush into the field encouraged him to jump early.

David Freelander reported last month that Bush is a joke (cont’d)