Miss #1s MARIAH CAREY Starting Anew: New Team, New Life, New Relationships, New Label-New Everything

Ok. I’m back.

Let’s get this straight (before we go any further).

We are not too proud to stand corrected. And we stand corrected at having gotten word that Miss #1’s wanted to let this tidbit be known:

She dropped Cindi Berger-first: not the other way around.

(Mariah doesn’t do #2 lest we not forget).

Our bad.

Mariah and Cindi Berger

Like we just reported to you the other day [about Miss #1s on her birthday the other day]: she’s the first 1st of the zodiac, which too is when the sun (in Aries) gives us spring time, and too-is the actual REAL 1st of the year—the REAL “New Year” and lastly, is the 1st season of all four seasons.mariah-number-one

So for the record, just before Mariah is set to set Vegas on fire for her Colosseum residency, our girl is starting anew and spring cleaning.

That being said and like we just told you about all (“1st and new-new’s”) while we stand corrected and informed, here’s to you, too:

“Mariah is creating a whole new team around her. New life, new relationships, new label (Epic), new management, new publicist, new residency, new-well, everything.”







On that note, we’ll Carey on: informed.mariah-carey-that-chick