Meek Speaks: Scheduled 2nd Coming of Long Awaited DRAKE Diss Track for Tonight – Will He Pull A Superman?

While the world awaits the 2nd coming of Meek Mills’ (scheduled) diss track to clap back at Drake who, as of right now (in less than 7 days) is 2 and 0…we’ll just…wait….again.

Well considering alls been quiet since Drake sent his first (warning shot) diss track followed up by his pun-intended track cleverly titled: “BackToBack,” Meek’s clap back [to the Twitter world waiting] was looking like that scene in Superman when he tired out from fighting Zod and friends and just decided to raise up and out (2:28- 3:08) LoL:



Well, the waiting is over and these blog skreets just got word that “tonight” is the night Meek will respond with his diss track. And uh…again, we’ll just uh…wait again (ya know since…he insists).

Meek tweet