MCDONALDS To Serve Breakfast All Day

egg-mcmuffinYou may not have to rush to that dreaded @Mcdonald’s drive-thru line and have your Feng Shui and good karma returned to you from all the years of cursing at the cars in front of for holding up the line while that 10:30 a.m. weekday 11 a.m./weekend breakfast cut off time is ticking and picking at you.

Yep. If all goes well with testing in some San Diego franchises next month, perhaps there’ll be no more begging to buy that one of the many Egg McMuffins they’re about to toss in the trash after 10:30-because if all goes well with testing the 24 hour breakfast, McDonalds may be bringing the consistent delicacy (all hours of the day) to you.

Although the words above the fast good giant’s yellow arch brags “Over $3 Billion Served,” CNBC reported in December 2014 McDonald’s net income fell to $1.1 from $1.4 billion per year.

With competitors like Taco Bell (who added to their menu and tested their all-day breakfast menu in 10 western U.S states in 2012/2013 and making it official nationwide as of 2014) McDonald’s is feeling the pressure to get it crackin’ too.

Hey, I’m no stranger to cursing the cars out in front of me pulling up on “5 egg whites in a tray by themselves, six packs of pepper, and a sugar-free vanilla iced coffee/light ice and a large cup of ice on the side,” so I’m pretty delighted to have my karma and Feng Shui back in alignment. Thanks McDonalds!