MATT BARNES Replies Back To RIHANNA’s Hashtag Diss & His Ex-GLORIA GOVAN Weighs In + Is MATT’s RIHANNA Fascination Real Or Remnant of Having Gotten ‘Caught Up’ & Now “Caught Out There?’

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Well if you didn’t know, Matt Barnes was caught out there being caught out there over statements made about he and Rihanna having dated a couple times and how his “crush” phase has moved beyond a crush.

Well tongues went wagging and (from what it sounds like) misinterpreted his crush phase gone beyond that as their crush phase having moved beyond a crush. Either way, with Rihanna being named in connection with two other sports players here of late; like any girl would feel: We aint got time for dudse laying claims for having ‘did’ and dated us who we know we haven’t dated or ‘done.’

Imme-jatl-y Rihanna took to her Twitter account and shot out a series of hashtag disses that certainly got back to Matt. (You already know that when OSF gets the blog up-mofos had BETTER have their ducks in a row!)


Matt got word about Rihanna’s disses and he simply replied:

“Hahaaa. Wow”

matt to rihanna

Considering the fact that he has been publicly crushing on Rihanna since earlier this year, it sounds like he is on a quest to make his ex-wife good and jealous with someone “worth” it (via their fame, beauty, and money-in that order). I saw this because can’t see why any man in his right mind would be inching himself out there like such in bits and vague pieces [that obviously got caught up to and slammed as of last night].


That said, the sad thing about all this is, if you know-Matt Barnes and his ex Gloria Govan appeared on VH1’s Basketball Wives whereas a few years ago and many of the girls that season weren’t exactly basketball “wives” but rather: girlfriends, former girlfriends and ex-wives etc.

Matt and Gloria started out as this couple with some obvious “us against the world” unbreakable bond premise whereas it was painfully obvious that Matt had reservations about Gloria being apart of the show (and especially himself-being perceived on that show in a light less than redeemable). He stayed on guard and giving her the side-eye and she stayed hi-fiving him on their “us against the world” premise.

Low and behold though, it did ruin it (their relationship).

Fast forward.

And from the reports surfacing, after that show, Gloria got completely turned out and that “us against the world” unbreakable bond sh/t started in with on the show was no more.

Looking back in hindsight on how aloof and uninterested he worked hard to be while willing to participate on the show (and obviously seeing to it that he and Gloria not get caught up into the typical “trappings” of all the premises and drama), it all went in reverse—for them both. They BOTH got caught up and in the trappings of that “reality show bug” [is what I call it]: Where once you step into that realm of television, all your friendships aren’t real, everything you do and say is for show and every move you make is to pad a life for the ‘gram and poor, lost, misguided souls living their antithetical lives through it-giving it (and them) audience.

It’s like they all develop some mentality where they are constantly in search of making themselves “a brand” by any means necessary and before you know it-they are all on display on Twitter and Instagram and blogs fighting to keep up this psuedo “life.”

At any rate, next thing you know, Matt Barnes’ wife became his ex wife and she and her sister were at all the parties on the scene dressed in scantily clad, barely there dresses like the total antithesis she (Gloria) was when she first stepped onto that show.

Now she’s turned out and on some other sh/t and even Matt tweeted out about it (after she and her sister’s first appearance on the red carpet dressed the way they were dressed). Matt dropped Gloria right back down to a basic gold digger in search of a baller (it doesn’t help that her sister pictured here-ex of baller Gilbert Arena-is notorious for causing the breakup of Shaq and Shauny).


Fast forward.

The Matt-then, from the show, to now, too, is stark contrast to how he seemed begin-show.

Now, (just like Gloria) Matt’s just ‘out there’ and got caught ‘out there’ (obviously–hoping his affections for a chick “worth” could give Gloria a run for her ‘good-girl turned funny.’ Perhaps?

Maybe that’s what all this is about. Either way, it’s pretty pitiful.