MARIAH CAREY and the “Lambily” Celebrate 3/27 As the ‘Anniversary’ of the Pop Diva


Number 1 is the staple of Mariah Carey’s life from professional to celestial-and today is a celebration of such and “lambily” the world over are wishing the pop diva “Happy Birthday” and “Happy Anniversary” (anniversary of her birthday).

Mariah number one

It’s no wonder that out of countless celebrities (who too, made the list) 1 year ago, the pop diva was named Time Magazine’s Ultimate Pop Star of All Time.

One would think that with as many popular, timeless hits on Carey’s Number One’s CD (a compilation of the pop diva’s number 1 singles throughout her career span through to the date of its release); it almost seems like starting with Mariah Carey (first), the compiling of ones #1 singles was something she was the original Don Dada of !


I need not belabor the obvious that Mariah’s Number 1’s (CD) gets massive play in my ride.


Considering the fact that she’s the first sign of the zodiac (Aries) and Time Magazine’s #1 girl, it’s no coincidence that the first season of the year is going to bring about some awesome things for our #1 girl. I mean…“1” is the first (slash) start of everything else after it.


She knew she would be a #1 pop diva didn’t she?


Baby Mariah

In case you DIDN’T know. MC will be blessing the Colosseum at Caesars Palace in Las Vegas [and I WILL be checking her out!].

I would be here all night posting videos of Mariah music considering [something I can rarely say no matter how much I like an artist’s music]: the fact that I cannot think of ONE song of in Mariah’s catalog that I like more or less than the other.

That being said, what I will do is let you scroll to the top of the OSF big screen and rock out this Friday to that ONE JAMMMMMMMMMM of Mariah’s that you can put on at ANY party in any country, hood, or palace, and EVERYBODY from 8 to 80’s gonna get on the floor! It cannot be denied: Mariah Carey feat. ODB/Ole Dirty Bastard (#RIP) and Puff “Fantasy.”


Since I love too many of her songs, I’ll just drop my most gut-wrenching one that sends me to tears that I can’t get to the end-singing without a tear/s: (“I Don’t Wanna Cry”) and my other favorite one that I absolutely LOVE and feel JOY singing along too (“Always Be My Baby”) and my other one I loveeeeeeee bouncing to-its just got that certain something: (“Shake it Off”).









Let me tell yous this.

Whenever I’m having a conversation somebody and the subject of people keeping [or not knowing how to] keep/stay in their lane, I always say: …“Cause see. I can carry the shish out of a note or two and can sing. True. But until I can sing like Mariah Carey, I’m just gonna keep my lane.”

Well, I got “Fantasy” (and One “Sweet Day’s”):  …and I know you’re shining down on me…I’ll see you eeee-ventually yeah-eh!” mastered.

But when I master other certain song parts in her catalog…you “sangin’ ” sonsers had better hold on to your mics and occupations-‘cause I’m snatching ‘em. I’m taking alllllllll of yalls jobs!