MADONNA Enlists Stripping Nuns For ‘REBEL HEART’ Tour Video & Solicits A Severe Tongue Lashing By “THE TALK”

If even before social media was invented, Madonna would blaspheme upset the church like she did in her 1988 Like A Prayer video under the guise of, in the name of artistic expression, 2015 doesn’t stand chance.

The pop star is currently under fire for her new Rebel Heart tour video featuring something quite demonstrative and representative of the sign of the times—proving that this certainly isn’t the 80s anymore: Stripping nuns.

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The Unapologetic singer will be kicking off the tour in six weeks and is prepping unapologetically: appalling Catholicism in the most up to date way.

In a sneak peek look at what fans should be expecting from the pop legend, in true Madonna style, she’s serving up even more than what’s expected or predicted which earned her dishonorable mentions a place at the table of the ladies of “The Talk“: Sheryl Underwood (who if you remember from an old blog of ours-who has her reservations about Madonna) was first in line with her blunt opinion while Sharon Osborne, Melissa, Ayesha, and Connie gave more balanced slants considering their understanding why Madonna did this.

Tap in below to see the tour teasers first, then weigh in for yourself: