KHLOE Confronts AMBER For Talking About Her Family During Radio Interview – AMBER Responds

So Amber Rose hightails it over to trouble spot radio The Breakfast Club-where, if anybody puts themselves in an element where if there’s anything sideways you want to say-sitting on that show will bring it out of you, it seems.images (6)

The rules were no different for Amber Rose who pretty much talked about her relationship and breakup with rapper Wiz Khalifa (with whom she is not officially divorced from as yet). And although dating and living the single life Amber stated she doesn’t rule out ever getting back with him [as per her-should he first, ever decide to come back to the Wiz Khalifa she knew], it’s a possibility as, he is her son’s father.

She did make mention however that the man she’s been hearing about (with the types of people he’s been dating/hanging out with) aren’t “him.” According to Amber-he is not being “himself”-the man she knew him to be [sic].

Well all that was light in comparison to what was said that caused a big Twitter tiff that happened today when Kardashian sister Khloe decided to strike back at some comments Amber made (while in the radio show).

Now just to summarize (rather than transcribe) some things Amber said about those closely associated with Khloe, here’s a breakdown:

Kanye: Appeared to be totally over Kanye. Says he’s not her type-the things he’s into- and definitely felt like he and Kim are actually perfect for each other.kimye1

I know. I know. Considering the fact that Amber is the ex girlfriend who has gone on record stating that Kim worked her hand (and naked photos) at getting Kanye while she was with him that as a result, ultimately was who and what broke them up; surprisingly, in 2015 she actually said what she said genuinely, rather than with malice.

I pretty much can tell when someone’s being spiteful or bitter versus candid and honest-she was [candid]. As  well, she wishes the media would “let them live” (when comparing she and Kim and Kanye’s displays of affection circa her to Kim today).

Moving on.

Kim Kardashian: When asked about Kim, she did say at first she thought Kim was this “bad” Puerto Rican chick or whatever, but upon closer examination of her, she didn’t see Kim as that much of a threat or somebody to be intimidated by. As a matter of fact, she felt that [upon closer examination] Kim was just all “fake” –was her words she used.

Pretty much, she seemed to be genuinely unbothered by either Kim or Kanye individually or as a couple.  I can listen to, and look right through somebody who’s genuinely unbothered by a person, situation or thing versus pretending to be.

French Montana: Associated with Khloe Kardashian (her ex) Amber made if clear that she is, or was not sleeping with French Montana and even went so far as to expressFrench-Montana-and-Khloe-Kardashian that the one French loves is actually Khloe.

(Within this mashup of six degrees of association, she also mentioned rapper Trina who too, dated French Montana-but asserts that she listens to a lot of Trina’s music to pretty much help her keep pep in her step throughout all the heartbreak, breakup and drama).

The hosts of the show also brought up the fact that Trina as well, was associated with having dated NBA player James Hardin (with whom Amber says she is “special friends”). Still, Amber seemed to be unbothered by the fact that Trina dated Hardin and still had nothing but nice things to say about Trina.

Kylie and Tyga: Now that’s where all the problems began-and too, the catalyst of the Twitter tiff today.  tyga and kylie

Considering the fact that her BFF Blacc Chyna has a child with Tyga, Amber seemed to be unapologetically annoyed with the fact that she didn’t like the fact that Tyga uprooted and abandoned his home, child’s mother and son to go run off with Kylie where she expressed:

She’s a baby. She needs to go to bed by 7 o’clock, and fucking relax.”

“Nah that’s ridiculous, he [Tyga] should be ashamed of himself-that’s how I feel.”

“He has as beautiful woman and a baby, and left that for a 16 year old that just turned 17. Fuck that, I’m not with it.”

Interestingly since this interview a couple days ago-despite people tagging Amber with a photo Tahiry (from Love and Hip Hop) pictured with James Hardin and reportedly, having been associated with him for some time now, still, Amber seemed unbothered and never acknowledged the picture (at least publicly she didn’t).

Tahiry James hardin

The same could not be said when Khloe Kardashian took a swipe at Amber (regarding her comments during the interview).

At one point, even Wiz Khalifa’s mom “ogjustpeachie” on Instagram, got involved.

Have at the entire exchange. Hang out with auntie Jackee keeping up with this ordeal.



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