What’s @? : Katie Couric Donates Her SUPER BOWL Ad Money To Charity

katie and bryant 94

Remember this?

…well Katie Couric is giving many others more to remember too–as a result of, and from the proceeds of that.

Check this out.

katie and bryant 94_2As the stoneage a century  ago would have (and kept archives on it); 21 years ago while sitting with her colleague, anchor Bryant Gumbel, at that very moment in time the world had gone from sending what was called “memo’s” (electronic communication requiring name to name only less the ‘@’ symbol) to onward and upward: The introduction of the Internet.

According to then (as seen on the first 40 seconds of the funny commercial), at that moment in time, “@” symbol was being introduced as an Internet staple.

Katie Couric (as smart and witty as she was then and still is) asked the 64,000 question:

“Can you explain what Internet is?”

Well, being [as analog] as it was, the fact is-the funny footage is quite the artifact: Two of popular culture’s most famous anchors sitting on the couch discussing what then is a way of life now–having gone from analog life to digital life, and dial up life to Wi-fi life!katie and bryant 94_2gif2

Wow. Cool!

Somebody got the bright idea to use the footage [from ’94] in a Super Bowl ad (which premiered during last month’s Super Bowl) as a part of a BMWi3 ad.

All the “hundreds of thousands of dollars” made from the ad-Katie elected to give to fifteen organizations: including Jay Monahan Center, Planned Parenthood, Michael J. Fox Foundation, Bowery Mission, Harlem Village Academies, Stand Up for Heroes and Joe Torre Safe at Home Foundation just to name a few.

Cool right?