Just when I was about to crap on Kanye Kardashian West for his first questionable move since dying his hair blond, The Art of War’s Wesley Snipes steps to his defense.


In case you didn’t know already, West (who’s notorious for his on air impromptu criticizing of George Bush) obviously feels like president elect Trump must like black people better than former president George W. Bush did.


Branded for his blatant sexist, homophobic, prejudiced views regarded as racist; Kanye sent tongues wagging when he showed up at Trump’s Trump Tower this morning for “a meeting” with Donald Trump who added Kanye to his list of “friends” he likes–all praises damning due to his publicly endorsing him mid-concert a time or two.

Reportedly, in addition to Kanye, other notables like Vogue editor Anna Wintour, NFL’s Ray Lewis and Jim Brown, and Omarosa showed up as well.

As well, tech giants: Microsoft’s Bill Gates and Apple co-founder Tim Cook, attended this political open house and shin dig.

Other than being a split-minded, dual natured fellow Gemini as Trump, Kanye later explained his reason for wanting to meet with Donald Trump




On another note, aside from on one end, being impressive that he ran a full campaign less any special interest funding to-while currently, meticulously positioning specific types of people to protect his own personal and business special interest while and post-presidency; despite shooting his shot, with a full plate regarding such, I hardly doubt Trump will give a care about the “little” stuff Kanye would like Trump to consider.



Either way, after tweeting “#2024,” perhaps that’s Kanye’s message that for the next 8 years he’ll be on a quest to be trusted as being of sound body and mind as he positions himself for a presidential run in 2024, perhaps?