Well the Donald’s had quite the month last month since stepping off that helipad and gliding down the corridors of some swanky New York landscape of his to announce to the world-his run for the U.S presidency.

That’s fine, everybody has a dream. And well, if you can afford to throw money away while pursuing it-why not, right?



His initial problem began when he set his grand entrance to theme music by classic singer Neil Young without expressed written consent.

Not that The Donald felt like he needed permission from anybody to do anything (ever) and its just that that’s got him into the bad graces of the likes of Cher (who referred to him as an “a$$hole”), (Young-not quite in support of Trump yet, having his music set the stage for him), and even since Cher referred to him as an “a$$hole”-the Hispanic community (for making disparaging remarks like “They’re bringing drugs, they’re bringing crime, they’re rapists. And some, I assume, are good people”).


Those remarks sparked an outrage among the Hispanic community-forcing actresses Ugly Betty and Sisterhood of the Traveling Pants‘ America Ferrara, and Eva Longoria (just to name a few), read him the riot act publicly.



Trump came in announcing his presidency like a phonetic heavyweight fighter and got shown the door like a domino effect: with countless brands he represented (such as Macy’s) showing him the door one-by-one.

Those series of terminations where superseded by the very show he’s known for firing on: “Celebrity Apprentice.”

There’s a bright side to that however (for someone else).062515_trs_trump1_640-730x410

In a strange turn of events-of a man who coined the notorious line “We don’t believe you-you need more people” [and ended up needed the same for his business venture], Donald Trump, in all his pompous presumptuousness sat in that boardroom many a day and pointed that index finger asserting: “You’re Fired.”



Well this time around DT got his walking papers from his own show and in walks-guess who?


That’s right…well…rumored.

Rumors are making their rounds round parts like these that Jay Z is at the top of the wish list to take over Trumps spot Celebrity Apprentice.

Considering Jay Z’s extension of his persona as a rapper has far exceeded that and leaped over into business deals for years now, all Tidal aside, it’d be good to see Jay Z’s business acumen and him in his element as the businessman we assume he his (all accomplishments outside of rap considered).

Guess we’ll see.



P.S. When I say “all Tidal” aside, I don’t mean I think it was a bad business decision, Tidal’s downfall is the result of a) karma-let me tell it, but over that: An overestimation ego (considering they were pulling 16 of the top artists in the industry and putting them together for business-business, that in order to work, would have had to be at least a 70% united front of participation from other artists. It probably would have done a bit better had they not done that viral press conference too. If they would have just sneaked it out there (without that visual), I think it would have done a bit better than it did. Pulling 16 people out of thousands of their music artist peers (and them feeling left out)+ no additional, inventive specs-it made everything go over bad.