JADEN SMITH Gets “Passionate” Do You Agree With His Take On Education?


 JJaden Tweetaden Smith broke us off with another single from his ever-evolving catalog of music he’s consistently building.

The latest from the second half of the evolved Smith kids dropped a song called “Passionate” where in it, he’s sure to frown some brows of….people (not just parents) who ‘just don’t understand.’

So when you get to the part where he says:

“You can screw a diploma, homie/ You stop learnin’ when you graduate.”

…don’t panic.

Let’s discuss:

I know that line is about the equivalent of that thing you dare never say to a math teacher (because you’re too JADENyoung just yet to know that actually life strategy is math):

“What am I gonna need this for when I graduate. I just need to know how to count money.”

Sure, you don’t understand that life is math until you get out in life and live it.

So in defense of the homie Jaden, the fact of the matter is: life after being groomed for “living life” is a whole different game than what we’re sitting being taught through 12th grade/graduating.

Aren’t you living that fact?

(see “My Word Worth a Billion Bucks and a Thousand Pictures”for elaboration on what I’m saying)

Having read that, aren’t you living it?
…And what part of it all takes you back to all that you learned through high school? Not the grooming of it…but the (literal) subjects you learn in school? None of it…

Life (after school) is indeed a different kind of learning experience. The grooming /disciplining / bureaucracy of school is a metaphor for a “right brain” life of living (as I elaborated on in the above link)…

But rock with the homie Jaden y’all. Press ‘play.’