It’s Still Trickin’ If You Got It: WARREN SAPP Arrested for Soliciting Prostitutes



warren sapp NFLAs we told you already, stemming from Janet’s Super Bowl nip slip, M.I.A’s Super Bowl bird flip, and countless domestic punches and kicks in the media regarding NFL players,  the league is on a mission and crusade to clean up its image.

We’re guessing Warren Sapp didn’t get the memo or at least assumed the rap recyclable: “it aint trickin’ if you got it.”  

Well get this: He got fired for trickin.’

The NFL player was fired after being arrested in Arizona for “fighting with prostitutes.”

Reportedly, Sapp was being a sap and allegedly fought with the women.

Obviously, they couldn’t cum to terms of an agreement and as a result, some kind of fight ensued—just hours before the Super Bowl at that.

But Warren was a ‘G about the whole thing.

He admitted hiring the escorts but was charged with solicitation and assault–then fired from the NFL.

Since the incident, his bio has been removed from the NFL website.


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