In Retro LIL KIM Style RIHANNA Wears Green To Collect Her Money – Performs New Hit “B|tch Better Have My Money” at iHeart Awards

Rihanna’s been playing an awesome game of Blues Clues on social media: dropping hints of the inspirations behind her new hit single B|itch Better Have My Money– first, by which she posted a snippet of the 70s movie character Fly Guy (I’m Gonna Get You Sucka).


Fly Guy (a street pimp) is notorious in the Wayans’ urban classic for having won Pimp of the Year (in the movie) for his “poetry” called “B|tch Better Have My Money”-so bred the title of Rihanna’s new hit from her #R8 CD [“B|tch Better Have My Money”].

Notorious as well for her colorful furs in the video “Crush on You” Notorious Lil’ Kim rapper was next up on Rihanna’s social media reminisce, rewind, and repertoire where (just this past Thursday) she posted a vintage pic of the rapper. As with Fly Guy’s street sonnet: the snippet “B|tch Better Have My Money,” Rihanna captioned (both) posts: #BBHMM





So it turns out, Rihanna debuted her first performance of B|itch Better Have My Money at the 2015 iHeart Music Awards Sunday night where (like Lil Kim’s “Crush on You” video) she rocked it like the song says:

You got me I rock thee Versace and linen

…wearing a green Versace fur—appropriate for taking the stage and singing ‘bout money.

And well…let Rihanna sing it: B|tch better have it.


Check out the inspiration behind the colorful ensemble Rihanna chose: