In Case You Ever Wondered How RIHANNA Or BEYONCE Strikes The Band During a Live Stage Performance Technical Error

I’m with it. I understand. “Cause I believe in dealing with sh|t when, and right where we stand-because later, I might forget, or be on a different emotion that may not be quite as effective in getting it to you-the seriousness of making sure we never meet at this kind of fork in the road again.

You know.

There was an 80s show called “Fame” where smack-dead in the middle of the introduction of the theme song, the school’s dance teacher “Lydia” (played by Grey’s Anatomy’s Debbie Allen)-cane in hand-stopped the class to warn (around the :38 minute marker)

“You want fame? Well fame costs. And right here is where you starrrrrrrt payin:’ In SWEAT!”



Well. Rihanna gave her rendition of the new age Lydia smack-dead in front of all her fans while she performed in London.

Although it was sometime back in 2012 perhaps, it’s still great footage for her fans who haven’t seen the pop princess in concert-in her element, or outside of still life (pics).

Typically, even during a fall, when a performer has a stage faux pas or accident, they usually fall right back into place (if they are able to)-or complete humility and vulnerability tends to take over their whole stage persona for a moment.

Not Rihanna.

While performing in London, obviously something happened during her song that, although we could quite tell what went wrong—she caught it.

And instead of going with the flow (as if) nothing happened, around the 1:12 mark, the Please Don’t Stop the Music pop princess stops scolds her band about why the track playing for her song is off sync with the actually band-playing.

Alright. What the fuck? Stop. Stop this shit. What the fuck is that?

(she points to the left)

Why is the track off from the band?

(she then turns to the audience)

This is the bullshit when we’re doing a random rock and roll tour, alright? With no rehearsals and shit. I apologize for everybody at home streaming live on “Love Life” and Jay Z’s site: “Life and Times”

(and like Lydia, but with no cane, she throws her hand and says):

“We can start this one again from the top”




Beyonce, on the other hand, whether taking a tumble, or getting her hair caught in a big windblower (both around the 25 minute marker), she still keeps it moving:



Even if she has to scold somebody in the band-like Rihanna-she may get pi$$ed by a technical error, and although she will still keep it moving nonetheless, she will…………..sing the punishment for the crime in the line.

Check her out (around the :09 minute marker in the video) where somebody forgot to turn out the lights during a particular part, and well…she gracefully sings what’s going to happen when she gets backstage:

“Somebody’s getting fired”


Check it out: