About The Headlines Commentary Thread

There’s ‘unsolicited advice,’ there’s gossip, and then there’s: COMMENTARY. In the world of journalism (talk shows, podcasts, television news and journalistic blogging-like here at OtherSideoftheFame) it’s commentary.

In the world outside of journalism, it’s just: GOSSIP.

Hey, I’m a writer, author, and a student of journalism who couldn’t afford to finish just a few credit hours of the finish line.

But that didn’t mean I couldn’t light my own torch and start here! And well, alongside blogging and doing write-ups here while busy holding down up several other news and information sites, (in this order), if I could give you a visual; life can sometimes [go like a sum of] all this: 😂

Keeping my balance. (‘Cause you can never let’em knock you off your square):

When other things are falling apart or requiring my human strength, I can sometimes be seen up, up, and away around the way, doing this:

(Think I’m playing? I’m serious about my Super life. Do not eff with me… or else…TRY ME)

Other times, you know, I’m just summoned to come kick a$$. Stay humble, stay low, but sometimes I gotta come through and let motherfu(kers know:

Sharp reminders to let the other motherfu(kers know you’re still good with that wrist-so don’t bring guns to my knife fight:

Courtesy of my twin and spirit animal; nunchucks when the haters be coming for me-trying to trap me but I stay calm, cool, collected, and prayed up. And after all the wild…I’m in a peaceful kinda bliss 🙏

ang 2008

😂 (see, we’re twinsies: eyes, nose, hair soul, mantra. philosophies…

…and effortless kick-ass:

Like magic, we make “opponents” wish they never tried us with negative energies and bullsh|t…

But anywho, after all that, in the meantime and in between time; I do my best (what I can, when I can) to get some much needed, forthright commentary in-because sometimes, some of those headlines are just begging for commentary, thought, consideration, dialogue or conversation.

Whether on podcast, blogs, spiels, or headlines commentary as below-posted, I pretty much stick to the subtitle of the OtherSideoftheFame (mantra): “Making Sense Out of Sensation While Plugging In & Putting The Spotlight On Popular Culture and Stuff in Entertainment, About Life, and On Style.”

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Some headlines plucked for commentary are from OSFMag’s other sites (that have nothing to do with world news headlines).

For the ones that do, don’t ever get offended or take it personally.

Trust me, if the headline (or “You”) were ‘lucky’ enough to even be commentary-worthy of my trying to squeeze you in on this page (you know…considering my busy life in pictures as above-posted), know that being plucked for commentary is nothing less than what I would tell you as your trustworthy, forthright, right-hand-girl, like my working as your personal “social politics observationist strategist” for your seeking my er ruh uh…unmatched consultation services. Take it all as merely that necessary conversation between close friends and BFF’s, perhaps.

With love,

Angie  🙂


Let’s rock, roll and scroll: