Have It Your Way: A Flame-Broiled BIG MAC or WHOPPER With Mac Sauce – BURGER KING Awaits MCDONALDS Final Answer On Joining Forces

It’s sorta like Grease’s hot dog and bun scene (at 1:46-2:06):



For the love of burger lovers and yet another one of Twitter’s “#National_____” days, it’s: #NationalBurgerDay, and we just so happen to have some burger news for you.

Burger King reached out to McDonalds with an offer [they shouldn’t] refuse (for burger lovers and lovers of peace). But no word back the official ‘ya’ or ‘nay’ from McDonald’s (or, in and effort to convince them) whether Burger King is turning flips for McDonald’s awaiting them to open sesame.

That said, whether you want your Big Mac flame-broiled or your flame-broiled burger Big Mac’d; somewhere in this, McDonalds and Burger King are about to get this thing poppin’—at least for a day (to be specific, for all you burger separatists) ONE day in celebration of “Peace One Day.”


September 21 is United Nations’ “International Peace Day” and the king has bowed down to the golden arch and asked the giant to join them in the flame broiled dugout [again: for a/one day].

McDonald’s CEO Steve Easterbrook has said “We’ll keep in touch.”