GAYE Family Now Sues Rapper T.I. + PHARRELL & ROBIN THICKE Appeal Their $7.3 Million Lawsuit for “Blurred Lines”

images (22)So the words of the day are:

  • Appeal


  • Amend


Alright now, as we reported last week (regarding the Blurred Lines case), Pharrell Williams and Robin Thicke lost the case when it was found that [the song] Blurred Lines did indeed infringe upon the copyright rights of Marvin Gaye’s music-which in turn, cost them both $7.3 million dollars.




At first, T.I. (the rapped on the song) made of with his $700k check and left alone.



As well, even after the lawsuit and win, the Gaye heirs noticed that Pharrell’s song “Happy” had a striking resemblance to the late Marvin Gaye’s “Aint it Peculiar” but (at the time) said (on live television), they were not going to concentrate on suing regarding that song [but obviously just wanted to throw it out there that they noticed the striking resemblance].




What a difference a week makes, because [as reported possible] Williams and Thicke are indeed appealing the loss and now, even T.I is thrown back in the bag!

The Gaye family heirs are now pursuing amending the motion of liability that once set T.I. free-and are now going after his record label.


I know. I know.

It sounds weird doesn’t it-that he (who had nothing to do with producing the track found to be guilty of being stolen from Marvin Gaye’s “Got to Give it Up,”) can still be made liable too.images (1)

How so?

Welp. If Robin Thicke (who sang the song on the track) can be sued (equally as Pharrell-who actually produced/stole the track) then as well, T.I.’s creative involvement [and part in the song being the success-and money that it made-was: his RAP/rapping on it]—can be sued too.


This is getting nasty.

Welp. I’m thinking.

Since Thicke and Williams are appealing, and while the Gaye heirs are amending their decision to not make T.I liable;  they’ll probably sue Pharrell (yet again) for “Happy” infringing on “Aint it Peculiar.”

What say you?