For The Record: MEEK MILL Responds With Diss For DRAKE

It’s like Mike Tyson says:

“Everybody’s got a plan until you’re punched in the face.”

After a long past few days of scheduling and reneging, then rescheduling that same diss record, Meek Mill came out swinging and delivered my ne%%a.

I must say, Meek’s lyrical flow was much greater than I ever gave him credit for-ever. And it was exactly a hot diss track but like I said, it would be kinda hard to get at Drake on a diss record for these very reasons.

Considering the originally planned dissed (that he reneged on), then a 2nd coming of the same (that all of social media eagerly waited hours on);  even if Drake was ‘dissable,’ Meek barely stood a chance on getting a favorable response (given the aggravating and Meek-a-gating circumstances): Making the rap world (already awaiting to judge you) wait around like such automatically rendered him guilty with room for him to only plead: “No Contest” straight from the gate.

While Meek did deliver a scathing flow and real sh/t uncovering some sheep in wolves clothing, his clapback was either something we would have to listen to several times (to connect the diss exclusively to Drake) or something only those within their industry circle are aware of the deets by which Meek dissed the clap-back on.

The thing about a diss track is, no matter how phenomenal your diss is, the fans gotta already be ready to connect the scene of the diss from their recollection of whom the diss is concerned.

But he came through and…before the clock struck 12:



…delivered “Wanna Know:”



If nothing else (besides JaRule’s honorable mention), somebody else made off like a bandit and ended up with much-a-gain about all diss:

Meet Joe: My guy-I Wanna Know-crooner who just got it poppin’ tonight though, too-I’ll tell you that:


Check out my all-time fav from the R&B crooner. Oh you oughta see me get at this song:

“I’m gonna.

I’m gonna. 

I’m gonna.

Oh. Oh. Oh.Oh. Oh.”