Footage: Video of SUGE KNIGHT Running Over Man + Killing 1 At “Straight Outta Compton” Video Shoot Surfaces

Well guys.

The video footage is in.

Our TerMiteZ friends got a hold of the footage that will inevitably be the thing to gauge whether (as reported) Suge Knight ran over those guys on the video shoot [as a result of] trying to get away from being whooped on by some dude named Cle “Bone” Sloan……

………….Or: proceeded to put the vehicle in drive (purposely) to run the group of dudes over–(which, unfortunately included his “friend” Terry who died)…421

Was Suge aiming for/thinking that perhaps “Bone” was the one (he intended?) to put the car in drive to run over?


At the point of putting the car in drive and hitting the second set of dudes is where his “trying to get away” theory will probably go down the drain.

But it was clear (as you can see in the first few minutes of the footage-there was commotion going on in the car and that Suge was (probably) being attacked.

BUT…unless the direction where he put the car in drive and proceeded to move forward was the ONLY way out…there’s now way out of this one for the Death Row CEO (from the looks of it).

suge knight

Hey. YOU decide!

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