FEBRUARIH: RIHANNA To Collabo w/ RAE SREMMURD on New CD & Super Bowl Weekend + Rumored To Perform at GRAMMYS & NBA All Star Weekend


Rihanna’s got such a busy February next month-yous may as well call it FebruaRIH.

rihanna_Other Side of the Fame already dropped the Gs for you that while singer Adele is on her singing sabbatical right now, Rihanna has doubled-tapped her producer Paul Epworth to set fire to the rain she’s about to pour into 2015 with her 8th album.

Although right now, the world is preoccupied with Rihanna sitting courtside with her BFF Melissa-and too, hanging out with actor Leonard DiCaprio (with whom she’s been dipping incog off/on with since 2008) 

...it hardly seems like an album is anywhere remotely close to be dropped anytime soon right? Well whispers say different.


It is rumored that the month of February is supposed to indeed be Rihanna’s month:

  • She is rumored to be performing on the Grammys’ live telecast to be aired on February 8
  • It’s also rumored that she is set to do a public concert in the Flatiron District during the NBA All-Star weekend on February 12 by which several busy streets around Fifth Avenue and Broadway from 23rd to 26th streets will be rerouted
  • As well, it is rumored that Rihanna’s long-awaited album will be dropping sometime during this time as well

If you’re into playing blues clues and piecing bits of info together, consider the fact that Rihanna’s fan base calls themselves #RihannaNavy and perhaps the anchors posted in a tweet from the official Grammys twitter account, as well as a tweet posted by Rihanna’s dancer Crystal Schaefer can be counted on it as being true this Grammy performance + a new album called R8 will indeed be happening.




…so following that, the Grammys confirmed Sam Smith will be performing (and as well, posted the same anchors at the end of their post confirming his performing on the Grammy stage):



You like stuff like that?

download (18)Then check out the 1:15-2:00 mark of this footage of brothers Swae Lee and Slim Jimmy (the rappers of Rae Sremmurd No Flex Zone and No Type).

They are hinting that they have a collabo with Rihanna in the works for her upcoming album.

There’s more.

The duo also hinted that [not only will Rihanna be shutting streets down for the NBA All Star weekend] let Rae Sremmurd …hint at it (they may have a collabo with Rihanna on her album!


“Check us out at the Super Bowl” said Jimmy, while Swae Lee added” SUPER BOWL…Hint. Hint.”

…Might there be a Super Bowl weekend show somewhere with the duo and Rihanna?

…Or might there be a surprise on-stage Super Bowl moment with she and chum Katy Perry?


Rumors are certainly pouring in about that being a possibility, too.

Considering Rihanna’s public diss to CBS execs (who broadcast the NFL festivities), if Rihanna gets a part of that stage we’re umbrella1certainly going to have to find out exactly what’s under little miss sunshine’s um-ber-ella..eh.eh. eh.



For now, we’ll just stick to hints from Swae Lee and Slim Jimmy:

…after all, Rihanna does love the Schmoney dance, remember?

Oh, you know what she did last summer!