FARRAH FRANKLIN’s ‘Management Team’ Refutes DESTINY’s CHILD Tell-All Rumors + Why FARRAH And Her Team Needs To Take A Page Out Of BEYONCE & DESTINY’s CHILD’s Blueprint and ‘Book’

Farrah and Destiny Child vintageIf you read last week, we wrote up and reported another site’s blind item reveal stating [that a] rumored Destiny’s Child poison pen effort was in the works starring Beyonce and authored by short-surviving former Destiny’s Child member Farrah Franklin.Farrahs Mgmt

According to Farrah’s meanteam ‘team,’ nothing could be further from the truth as, the fallen group member is busy focusing on her own solo effort and is music-single/debut ready.

Although the less than carefully placed gripe about the rumored tell-all being reported was less than carefully placed, at this point [although her team probably won’t be posting a ‘thanks’ regarding the plug on the single], considering the tone of the PSA, despite their upset and being taken aback by the rumor, we’re sure they (like us) can agree that the tell-all rumor served its purpose either way (seeing as though Farrah’s single is ready and got/gets to get heard). Without the rumor, the blogger site’s blind item reveal (or our posting it), the interest in the single without a rumor or scandal attached would’ve definitely fallen on deaf ears. So take this buzz and love it.


Without further adieu: Farrah Franklin “Magic and Makeup”



…It’s actually a good song with a great melody and message. Who knew she could really sing!

Good luck to her, sincerely.


But P.S. I never address people/blog subjects I write about either but I will today, too…


“Ms. Franklin’s new single title #magicandmakeup is going viral because it’s a hit record, we do not need an urban blogger creating a buzz for themselves; from our success with this hit single.”

By @backinthegameent via @RepostWhiz app: Normally we would not address these bogus headlines, however today we will– Our client Farrah Franklin has worked hard for a very long time to create her latest hit single "Magic and Makeup." We do not need the BS or lies from a gossip site to take away the message of empowerment, self love and spreading love!! Ms. Franklin's new single titled #magicandmakeup is going viral because its a hit record, we do not need an urban blogger creating a buzz for themselves; from our success with this hit single, while we are continuing to build Farrah Franklin's brand!! Nor do we need their pathetic attempts and lies to promote her talents or create drama because they chose to make a living from hate and belittling others! Ms. Franklin has not and does not plan on doing anything but spreading love and creating more magic with her music! Nice try but not today….. #backinthegameent #farrahfranklin #magicandmakeup @farrahfranklin (#RepostWhiz app)

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