Eeny Meeny Miny Mom: Why TRACEE ELLIS ROSS Chose To Recreate DIANA ROSS’ “Work That Body” (Over “I Want Muscles”)



If anybody knows anything about ‘working a body’ to the extent of singing your heart out about it-it’s “Supreme” singing diva Diana Ross who, in the 80s delivered her in-your-face anthem about what she wanted in a man singing: “I want muscles. All over his body. Make him something else from his head down to his toes.”


All timing considered, Diana Ross’ singing about such a foreword, physical desire [in the early 80s] had to have been a jaw-dropping, bold, musical move that I can only imagine labels heads shaking their heads and legs about-in total fear of the fan reception regarding such words uttered from I’m Coming Out famous singing legend (who, if she recreated that very same “I’m Coming Out” song-it would have a totally different meaning in 2015 without even changing the words!).

So let Diana Ross “The Boss” cook.

You: Sweat. Okay?…She’s got this. She’s a boss-now, before her time, and even back then!

How so? You ask.

Well she