Drunk in Tub: How Much Did It Cost BEYONCE To Pour It Up in the Hot Tub in “Feeling Myself’ ?


People were wondering just whyyyyyyyyy would the Drunk in Love diva Beyonce be giving drunken tub—such an expensive looking bottle of wine in the hot tub scene during one of the clips in her latest video shoot: Feeling Myself featuring Nicki Minaj.

Well if you remember last November 2014, the $20k delicacy that yes (very well could have paid someone’s tuition) is poured straight from the bottle of bottles of liquor owned by her husband Jay Z.

Jay Z acquired the luxury champagne label Ace of Spades during British beverage giant Diageo’s whiskey change from whiskey to tequila.

Sovereign, a New York wine and spirits company owned by the Berish family, sold its interest in the Armand de Brignac / Ace of Spades champagne brand to Jay Z.

So it was no accident that his wife would be pouring up the reported $20k bottle of champagne in a hot in the name of product placement for marketing.

There goes: