DR. LUKE + Atty CHRISTINE LEPERA Speak: No Need To #FreeKeshaNow – She’s Just Scapegoating To Escape Sony

Don’t know what’s going on over there at Sony such that Michael Jackson would enlist the likes of Al Sharpton to get on his bus to help in ride off from Sony’s strangehold, but let music producer Dr. Luke tell it-Kesha’s just throwing him under the bus (to release herself from Sony too).


Dr LukeThroughout the court case and all the accusations, “Dr. Luke” Gottwald remained mum, however after we reported the story yesterday afternoon, late that evening, Gottwald took to his social media account to post several messages explaining his side (to the public).

Do note that as this case is ongoing, Dr. Luke spoke his public peace for now, and after his series of posts; told all in advance that his series of posts will be his first and last time speaking on the issue for now.

Gottwald left no stone thrown his way unturned as he not only questioned Kesha’s attorney’s (Mark Geragos’) intention along with all this being for monetary gain-considering the fact that he defended celebrity Chris Brown and California husband Scott Peterson (accused of murdering his pregnant wife lacy Peterson in order to be with his mistress Amber Frey).

To add insult to injury (or perjury), Kesha’s claim is that she feels she needs to be released from Sony in order to be free from Dr. Luke. Dr. Luke’s attorney begs to differ. Christine Lepera wanted to make it clear that the #FreeKeshaNow hashtag and all surrounding it is unnecessary as, Kesha is and has always been