DONALD TRUMP Pulls Adolescent Stunt Mid-Speech After Sen. LINDSEY GRAHAM Calls Him a Jackass: Gives His Phone Number To The World

CKdmHr6VEAATcKTIn all his proud and pompous glory, Donald Trump continues to live, speak, and abide by the code and personal brand of his ever-growing, notorious, naughtiness and consistent propensity for the verbose and vulgar as a political strategy while staying true to his surname no matter the race, creed, color, patriot—or digits: All is fair in this war of prospective, presidential incumbent politics. And for The Donald, being a barbarian TRUMPS all.

Since entering the race for president, considering his antics that (as a result of) got him demoted from the politics section of the Huffington Post, down to “entertainment” that is not is swaying Donald from going full-steam ahead while pissing people off in the interim like Cher, Jon Stewart, the Mexican race and more. David Letterman having coming out of retirement to (for old times sake) to take a jab at him via his famous Top 10 specially marked edition exclusively for Trump didn’t sway him, nor did the threats of a soon-come, unplanned chance “meeting” with Mexican drug lord and prison escapee El Chapo has even succeeded in taming the Mad’Donald.

So when Sen. Lindsey Graham referred to Donald as a “jackass” on Monday-just after insulting war hero and Senator John McCain by denouncing that as a result of being captured he certainly was no war hero-being called a “jackass” forced Donald’s hand and he got be nimble: quick—by giving out Graham’s private telephone number amid a packed house while a television rally in South Carolina and encouraged everyone within eye and ear view to call it.

“I don’t know. Give it a shot,” Trump told the crowd after reciting the number and giving the story behind how he got it.

Christian Ferry, Lindsey Graham’s campaign manager, referred to the breach as “Trump’s bombastic and ridiculous campaign” (for detracting from the real issues).

Donald Trump continues to show hourly that he is ill-prepared to be‎ commander in chief,” Ferry said about the 2016 presidential hopeful who, throughout this campaign is frequently called an “idiot” and “lightweight.”